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Dem-NPL Platform demonstrates stark contrast from divisive NDGOP’s

April 8, 2024

FARGO – “The North Dakota Democratic-NPL convention was one of unity and inclusion,” said Democratic-NPL Chair Adam Goldwyn

The NDGOP affirmed all but one of its controversial resolutions. Leading up to the convention, the North Dakota Republican Party was plagued with infighting members trading homophobic insults. They spent nearly three hours squabbling over blocking their own delegates from participating. Today on News and Views on KFGO the NDGOP candidate for Superintendent couldn’t even say if he thinks Muslims should be allowed to teach in public school teachers.

Among the resolutions from the NDGOP

-Eliminate gay marriage while urging the attorney general to protect any religious center that discriminates against gay marriage

-Block protections for LGBTQ communities

-Enact harmful “school choice” programs diverting taxpayer dollars from public schools to fund unregulated and unlicensed private and homeschool programs

Goldwyn continued, “What we saw from the North Dakota Republican Convention was not very North Dakota Nice. If you are disaffected by the vitriol and chaos from the, come on over to the Dem-NPL, the water here’s fine.”

The Chair of the Democratic-NPL Platform Committee Charlene Rawson said, “Ours is an examination of what freedom is really all about.” Earlier this year, the North Dakota Democratic-NPL adopted a bylaws change to make the Platform Committee a standing committee that will meet throughout the year to adapt to an ever-changing political landscape.

Highlights of the Democratic-NPL Platform

-“The Dem-NPL advocates for unambiguous state laws affirming In Vitro Fertilization practices by medical providers in the state, holding clear freedom-from-prosecution any person involved in IVF protocols, which necessarily include the destruction of certain fertilized embryos, the selective abortion of multiple successful implantations, and the medical care afforded pregnant persons consistent with contemporary medical science”

-“The Dem-NPL supports restoring the state retirement and pension program that provided a defined benefit plan for teachers and public employees; and supports maintaining separate retirement systems for public employees (PERS) and educators (TFFR), in addition to keeping them as a defined benefit plan.”

-“The Dem-NPL opposes all efforts to privatize Social Security; and to strengthen Social Security, the Dem-NPL supports an increase, in, or the elimination of, the cap on taxable earnings for Social Security taxes. The Dem-NPL opposes all efforts to weaken Medicare.”

-“The Dem-NPL recognizes proper nutrition as a requirement for physical development and learning and supports fully funded hot lunches for all public-school students through grade 12, fully funded milk programs for elementary school students, and funded alternative lunches for medically-required diet and cultural restrictions.”

-“We support full funding for all public-school districts, including providing universal early childhood education and the expansion of Head Start, English Language Learners, and job training for all New Americans and immigrants.”

-“The Dem-NPL asserts “the trigger” law, passed in 2013 with additional restrictions on abortion passed in 2023, stand contrary to the American values of freedom and liberty and should be repealed.”

-“The Dem-NPL strenuously objects to the culture of fear and exclusion accelerated by members of the North Dakota legislature. In the last legislative session, 21 discriminatory bills were introduced with the intent of targeting LGBTQ+ and depriving these North Dakotans of common liberties to which we all should enjoy.”

Laura Dronen
Communications Director
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‘Neither Armstrong nor Miller actually want to secure the border’ says Dem-NPL Chair

March 29, 2024

FARGO, ND – As the Republican Gubernatorial Primary grows increasingly negative, a new ad from Lt. Gov. Tammy Miller falsely claims a cartel attack happened under President Biden’s watch. In reality, Donald Trump was president at the time, and it didn’t even occur in the United States.

North Dakota Democratic-NPL Chair Adam Goldwyn remarked, “People’s lives and livelihoods hang in the balance at the US-Mexico border, but neither Armstrong nor Miller actually want to secure the border or help the people of our border regions. If they did, they would have supported the Senate Bipartisan Border Deal. These two are more interested in playing political games than solving real problems. The Democratic Party stands ready with real solutions to real problems while the Republicans continue to play political games with real people’s lives.”

In February, House Republicans and Donald Trump sank the bill to secure the border. This prompted US Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), who’d negotiated the bipartisan agreement took to social media to say, “The border is a money making grievance machine for Republicans. That’s all. Period. Stop. Keeping it a problem raises them money, drives ratings, helps them win elections. They don’t want to fix it. That’s why they killed the bipartisan border bill.”

During President Biden’s 2024 State of the Union, he remarked, “’That bipartisan bill would hire 1,500 more security agents and officers, 100 more immigration judges to help tackle the backlog of two million cases, 4,300 more asylum officers, and new policies so they can resolve cases in six months instead of six years now. What are you against?” The key Republican negotiator on the bill US Senator James Lankford (R-OK) was seen saying, “That’s true” and nodding his head.

Laura Dronen
Communications Director
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Riggleman, Kleeb to speak at Dem-NPL convention

March 26, 2024

FARGO, ND – Today, the North Dakota Democratic-NPL announced two speakers for its State Convention in Fargo on April 4-7 2024: Former Republican Congressman and Advisor to the January 6th Committee Denver Riggleman, and Nebraska Democratic State Party Chair Jane Kleeb.

Democratic-NPL Chair Adam Goldwyn remarked, “Jane Kleeb and the Nebraska Democratic Party have set a phenomenal precedent for other rural state Democratic parties to follow. Through extensive and passionate grassroots organizing, the number of Democrats elected in Nebraska has grown from 500 in 2016 to over 900 now.”

Since December 2016, Kleeb has served in a volunteer capacity as Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party, and serves on the Executive Committees of the Democratic National Committee and the Association of State Democratic Committees.

For her years of work in rural communities, Kleeb was named a Climate Breakthrough awardee in 2023, the highest honor in the climate change field. She is setting out to create a new project called Energy Builders that works with rural communities to change the economic model of large-scale clean energy projects to benefit the people who live on the land that is creating America’s next 100 years of energy.

Kleeb is the author of Harvest the Vote: How Democrats Can Win Again in Rural America, published in 2020. Kleeb worked for MTV as their Street Team reporter in 2007 and has been a regular contributor on Fox News, MSNBC and CNN.

Riggleman represented Virginia’s 5th District from 2019 to 2021. He is the only Republican Congressman to speak out on the floor against QAnon conspiracy theories and the threat they pose to the American people. Riggleman served as a senior technical advisor for the United States House Select Committee’s investigation on the January 6 Attack of the U.S. Capitol.

He is currently CEO of Riggleman Information and Intelligence Group (RIIG) supporting technology development in the domestic counter-terrorism space, chief strategist for the Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI) where he supports predictive analysis and disinformation tracking, co-owner of the award winning Silverback Distillery and The NY Times best-selling author of THE BREACH-The Untold Story of the Investigation into January 6th.

“North Dakota Democrats aren’t afraid to hear different perspectives and different voices,” said Goldwyn, “The North Dakota Republican Party will gather across town to bend the knee to the leader of the January 6 insurrection, a man who to this day will not acknowledge he lost a free and fair election. We will hear what the perils our precious democracy faces and how we can protect it.”

Laura Dronen
Communications Director
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[email protected]

Former Dem-NPL Lawmakers pay tribute to late State Senator and UND associate dean Judy DeMers

March 18, 2024

GRAND FORKS, NDFormer Democratic-NPL lawmaker associate dean for student affairs and admissions at the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences Judy DeMers passed away last week. Senator Heidi Heitkamp, Representative Earl Pomeroy, Agriculture Commissioner Sarah Vogel, and Representative Lois Delmore expressed their grief and celebrated their memories of DeMers.

Senator Heidi Heitkamp remarked, “Judy was a force. When she sunk her teeth into an issue, there was no stopping her, particularly when it meant protecting her beloved profession, nursing. For decades, she was the voice for so many people who did not have a voice. She was a legislator that the Democratic-NPL will always be proud to say ‘she was one of us.’”

Congressman Earl Pomeroy said, “Judy DeMers was a leader in improving North Dakota health care for more than 40 years. I worked with her as a fellow legislator and later as an Insurance Commissioner and Congressman. I found her knowledge and counsel to be incredibly helpful as she applied her medical background to creating sound health policy. Judy was selfless, funny and hugely talented. Her impact will long be felt in North Dakota health care. We are all better for her life’s work.”

North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Sarah Vogel noted, “When Judy was in the legislature, she stayed at my house for several sessions. I saw her work ethic first hand. The minute the day’s session was done, Judy hauled suitcases of reading materials relevant to the next day’s session and committee meetings to her room, and she stayed up until she had mastered the issues. Then she wrote her testimony – for or against – in short, clear, statements. Then she went to sleep for a few hours, to repeat the next day. On the weekends, she went back to Grand Forks to meet with her constituents. Not only the citizens of Grand Forks, but all citizens of North Dakota were well represented by Judy. She was brilliant and she was the hardest working legislator I have ever known.”

Former Representative Lois Delmore remarked, “Senator Judy DeMers was a strong public servant in the legislature. She was an advocate for women and an inspiration for students at the University of North Dakota Medical School. She was a strong voice for Grand Forks and for the state of North Dakota. I was proud to serve with her and to call her my friend.”

DeMers served in the North Dakota House from 1983 to 1991 and the State Senate from 1993 to 2000. For 27 years, she was the associate dean for student affairs and admissions at the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences. After retirement in 2010, she moved to Arizona to be closer to her son Bob, daughter-in-law Dawn, and grandson Tyler. DeMers was a marvelous mentor to her grandson, who found his passion in law and will soon graduate from the University of Arizona Law School.

Laura Dronen
Communications Director
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Current and Former ND Democratic-NPL Chairs speak about Grace Link’s legacy

March 12, 2024

BISMARCK, ND – Former First Lady Grace Link has passed away at 105.

“North Dakota lost an icon today,” remarked Democratic-NPL Chair Adam Goldwyn, “Grace has been an inspiration to generations of Democratic-NPLers, especially women who were moved to get more involved because of her passion, and to whom Grace gave sage advice. She represented the best of our Dem-NPL to which she was so committed: integrity, respect, belief in democracy, and citizen activism.”

Bob and Marge Valeu, close friends of Grace and former Governor Link for over 50 years, commented, “Grace was a role model on what it takes to be a good and kind person. Grace embodied the spirit of North Dakota. An awesome lady, dedicated to community service. A North Dakota treasure who will be missed dearly.”

For many years, the Democratic-NPL has given the Art and Grace Link Lifetime Achievement Award, named for the political power couple, to North Dakotans who embody the same sense of service to their state and country. In November 2023, Link was named the Honorary Chair of Dem-NPL Century Club, a fundraising unit that supports the Democratic-NPL year-round work to build party infrastructure supporting candidate recruitment, local district and regional leadership, issue-based education, and tools for Dem-NPL success.

Link was also a phenomenal pie maker and keen fundraiser, her coveted lemon meringue pies would go for hundreds of dollars at local Democratic-NPL events.

Laura Dronen
Communications Director
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[email protected]

ND Democratic-NPL Chair calls for immediate release of Stenehjem’s recovered emails

March 7, 2024

FARGO, ND – Today, North Dakota Democratic-NPL Chair Adam Goldwyn called for the immediate release of the late Wayne Stenejhem’s official emails.

Goldwyn remarked, “It was pretty difficult for most of us to stomach the decision that Mountrail County state’s attorney Wade Enget made not to pursue criminal charges after Troy Seibel and Liz Brocker ordered Wayne Stenehjem’s emails be deleted less than 24 hours after his death.

Now we’re learning that the statute of limitations has passed for Seibel and Brocker, and that Julie Lawyer, the Buliegh County States’ attorney (and new employer of Brocker) had limited the scope of Enget’s investigation.

Today’s revelation shows that we cannot let up on the pressure for thorough investigations into this matter. We need to see these emails immediately, they belong to the people of North Dakota. The Bismarck good ol’ boys club can’t keep us in the dark.”

Laura Dronen
Communications and Digital Director
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Vote in the North Dakota Democratic Presidential Primary!

Have you requested your ballot for the North Dakota Democratic Presidential Primary? There’s still time to do so!

It was thrilling to watch primary results come in Tuesday night. And while many across the nation were focused on Super Tuesday, we couldn’t help but notice Monday’s NDGOP Presidential Caucus.

Despite their appearance of dominance in North Dakota politics, the NDGOP had fewer than 2,000 caucus-goers. This drew headlines like “The NDGOP held a presidential caucus and almost nobody showed up”

We think North Dakota Democratic-NPLers can do better! Request your ballot today to show that you are a reliable, excited voter in 2024!

Candidates who will appear on the ballot are:

Joseph R Biden Jr
Eban Cambridge
Stephen P Lyons
Jason Palmer
Armando “Mando” Perez-Serrato
Dean Phillips
Cenk Uygur
Marianne Williamson

North Dakota is one of just five states where the political parties run the presidential primary process. The North Dakota Democratic-NPL is working with the Merriman River Group to facilitate the primary.

Ballots MUST be received by March 30th to be counted. To ensure your ballot is received and counted, request your ballot by March 15th.

You can mail the ballot back to us:

ND Democratic NPL
PO Box 9946
Fargo, ND 58106

North Dakota Democratic-NPL Chair admonishes Alabama IVF ruling

February 23, 2024

FARGO – This week, three health care clinics across the state of Alabama paused in vitro fertilization treatment over fears of prosecution following a ruling from the Alabama Supreme Court that put access to IVF at risk. With North Dakota’s draconian anti-abortion laws, many have expressed concern about the fate IVF here.

Democratic-NPL Chair Adam Gowlwyn remarked, “For many North Dakotans struggling to start the family they’ve dreamed of having, IVF is a miracle. This attack on IVF is a direct result of Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justices overturning Roe v. Wade. Last year, North Dakota was on the forefront of some of the most intrusive legislation when it came to personal medical decisions like gender affirming care and abortion. We know that the forced-birthers of the ND Republican lawmakers are going to come for IVF here next, and eventually all other forms of contraception as well. Democrats, as always, stand for individual liberty and freedom—the freedom to make medical decisions with your doctor, not have them dictated to you by legislators.”

Laura Dronen
Communications Director
(701) 566-0616
[email protected]

Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan Demands NDGOP Support

Bismarck, ND –  The $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is a critical step in implementing President Biden’s Build Back Better vision. This is a framework that all North Dakotans can champion, and we should be seeing support from the NDGOP officials including Senators Hoeven & Cramer in Congress and across the state. The Dem-NPL has fought for decades to improve the conditions of our infrastructure which will lead to better roads and bridges for our truck drivers, better internet for working families in rural communities, and invest in the economy of tomorrow for North Dakotan workers. This is objectively a good investment for North Dakota and our NDGOP officials need to get onboard or step aside so real leadership can get to work.

Chairman Hart commented on the framework

“After a year of uncertainty in this pandemic, we welcome President Biden’s plan with open arms as he and Democrats in Congress seek to improve our daily lives here in North Dakota. This framework, as we did decades ago to bring electricity to rural communities across America, will bring reliable high-speed internet to every corner of the country and North Dakota. We cannot afford to continue as normal, President Biden is bringing forward robust legislation that myself as a small business owner, and my community will benefit from. We have a chance with this framework to win the 21st century and beat out our competitors in China and elsewhere. We need more of this leadership in Washington, not less.”

Chairman Hart continued

“What we are seeing from our current leadership in North Dakota is complete opposition to everything being proposed in Congress. Whether we like it or not, the future is coming and America needs investments like these to win the next century. When Democrats put forward the American Rescue Plan that provides checks and support for our communities through the pandemic, John Hoeven was against it. When President Biden started working on this framework to boost infrastructure all across North Dakota, Kevin Cramer couldn’t be found to offer his ideas. Just more of the same, ‘No because no because no because no.’ Dem-NPL leaders and voters across this state think creating a generation of good-paying union jobs and building organic economic growth that positions the United States to win the 21st century is a good thing, I guess my NDGOP friends don’t agree.”


Dem-NPL Leaders Ask: Is There Corruption At The Capitol?

Bismarck, ND –  Democratic-NPL Chairman Hart released the following statement on potential ‘pay to play’ of North Dakota’s nearly $20 billion investment portfolio:

“The NDGOP-controlled State Investment board, chaired by Lt. Governor Brent Sanford, must answer and address many troubling allegations surrounding potential corruption and waste, fraud, and abuse within the halls of the Capitol, including:

  • Why has the board not conducted a competitive bid process like many other states to ensure our money is not being squandered to outside interests?
  • How much has the state spent on direct payments, and fees, to Callan and money managers? And where does our investment portfolio rank nationally?
  • Why are we making large investments into China and Russia to prop up their economy, while they continue to hack and steal our information?
  • What have Sanford and State Auditor Josh Gallion done to ensure transparency and that records and taxpayer dollars are properly audited and accounted for?
  • Why has the board continuously refused to invest in the state of ND?
  • Has the NDGOP-controlled board ceded and lost all control over investment decision making to a California-based firm?

Hart continued

“During my campaign for State Auditor in 2020, I ran on a simple message of accountability to North Dakotans by ending waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars in state government. Until these, and other, questions are answered by Sanford and the State Investment Board, the people of North Dakota will be wondering if the Burgum-Sanford administration has chosen the good ol’ boys club, outside interests, and spending $150,000 for luxurious tax payer funded renovations to the Governor’s mansion over the hardworking men and women of this state. Our actions speak to our principles, and we have serious concerns about what that means for the NDGOP.”

Dem-NPL Staff Unionize, Join IAMAW Local 2525

Bismarck, ND –  The Dem-NPL is rooted in the pride that is belonging to a union. That is why today, the Dem-NPL is proud to announce that staff has secured a contract with IAMAW Local 2525. Dem-NPL leaders fight for the working men and women of our communities each and every day, and now, the Dem-NPL has made it clear that we are the party of the people who build North Dakota. With this historic agreement, the Dem-NPL has joined 14 other Democratic state parties in unionizing – and has become the first to do so under the IAMAW.

Dem-NPL staff commented on this historic contract

“The staff of Dem-NPL are thrilled to have reached this agreement with management and IAMAW Local 2525. Our candidates and elected officials have championed the rights of workers in North Dakota since the inception of our party, and today we turned those principles into action. Those who came before us were instrumental in protecting the shared interests of farmers, ranchers, and skilled workers here at home against outside interests. Together, we will write a new chapter in the legacy of labor in North Dakota.”

Dem-NPL Executive Director Michael Taylor commented on the agreement

“The Dem-NPL’s roots and origins are in labor organizing. We are proud to honor, and return to, those roots with this agreement. Unions, and fighting for honest pay for a job well done, are what made North Dakota the premiere place to live in the country. That is why we voluntarily recognized this contract, because we know Dem-NPL staff capture the same hard working spirit as our farmers, grocers and nurses. We also want to thank the IAMAW for dedicating their time to work with us through this process. Myself, Chairman Hart, and all of our dedicated Dem-NPL staff are proud to stand with our union friends and family.”

IAMAW Midwest Territory General Vice President Steve Galloway welcomed the Dem-NPL

“I could not be more proud for our new members at the North Dakota Dem-NPL. These men and women are the backbone of the fight for a more just and equitable North Dakota. It only makes sense that they’d join the Fighting Machinists Union, where our motto is ‘justice on the job and service to the community.’ I’d like to especially thank District 5 Directing Business Representative Jeremy Pearson and Grand Lodge Representative Shannon Stucker for all the work they’ve done organizing this group and securing a first contract. Let’s continue the fight for a better life for workers in North Dakota and everywhere.”

IAMAW District 5 Directing Business Representative Jeremy Pearson

“District 5 is thrilled to welcome the staff of the North Dakota Dem-NPL to our great union. We are a powerful voice for workers in North Dakota, across the Midwest and in North America. Our members work in a diverse array of industries, always fighting for a better life for working people. We will bring the same respect and dignity on the job to our proud new members at the Dem-NPL.”

Dem-NPL Supports Measure For Jan 6th Commission, Calls on NDGOP to Join

Bismarck, ND –  The attacks on our Capitol on January 6th were unlike anything we’ve seen in the modern age. Droves of insurrectionists, hellbent on tearing at the fabric of our Democracy, had North Dakotans asking where civility, and respect for our nation’s ideals, had gone. That is why with the full force of the Dem-NPL we support the measure to investigate this and establish a commission in Congress. We are calling on the NDGOP to support this measure, not rooted in politics, but in a shared patriotism and love for country.

Dem-NPL Executive Director Michael Taylor commented on the attacks and commission

“Every North Dakotan watched with a heavy heart as police officers were beaten with flag poles, windows smashed, and the lining of our Democracy ripped out on that day. What this moment cannot be, above all else, is partisan. We demand accountability from those who participated in these events, and call upon NDGOP leaders to demand the creation of a commission on what went wrong that day.”

Director Taylor continues

“If the supermajority leadership in our state, our NDGOP Governor, an NDGOP member in the House, and two NDGOP US Senators, are unable to condemn even this, an act of aggression against the United States, then we have moved beyond patriotism and into a new, hyper-fringe world that the majority of North Dakotans do not want to live in. Each of us were taught right from wrong by our parents & grandparents, and what happened on January 6th was not only wrong, but the antithesis of what it means to be American. It needs to be investigated, and we need to be adults and call for that inquiry as one, united voice.”

Chair Patrick Hart noted the extremity of the January 6th attacks

“I can only imagine what would have happened if a single Senator or Representative had been injured or worse murdered by the insurgents that day. This isn’t about contesting election results or engaging in a constitutionally-based patriotic assembly, this was something else and is far beyond the values we hold in North Dakota. We must get to the bottom of this.”


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Dem-NPL District 13 Meeting with Presenters

North Dakota Dem-NPL District 13 Meeting — 6:00-7:30pm on Thursday, August 29 at Blarney Stone Pub – West Fargo (1910 9th Street East – West Fargo) Other star presenters have been invited – not confirmed yet   Main Presenters Confirmed – Senator Ryan Braunberger, Kylie Oversen and Jamie Selzler (North Dakota DNC Committee Man)         

Invited: Josh Boschee and Amy Zundel