Dem-NPL Leaders Ask: Is There Corruption At The Capitol?

Bismarck, ND –  Democratic-NPL Chairman Hart released the following statement on potential ‘pay to play’ of North Dakota’s nearly $20 billion investment portfolio:

“The NDGOP-controlled State Investment board, chaired by Lt. Governor Brent Sanford, must answer and address many troubling allegations surrounding potential corruption and waste, fraud, and abuse within the halls of the Capitol, including:

  • Why has the board not conducted a competitive bid process like many other states to ensure our money is not being squandered to outside interests?
  • How much has the state spent on direct payments, and fees, to Callan and money managers? And where does our investment portfolio rank nationally?
  • Why are we making large investments into China and Russia to prop up their economy, while they continue to hack and steal our information?
  • What have Sanford and State Auditor Josh Gallion done to ensure transparency and that records and taxpayer dollars are properly audited and accounted for?
  • Why has the board continuously refused to invest in the state of ND?
  • Has the NDGOP-controlled board ceded and lost all control over investment decision making to a California-based firm?

Hart continued

“During my campaign for State Auditor in 2020, I ran on a simple message of accountability to North Dakotans by ending waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars in state government. Until these, and other, questions are answered by Sanford and the State Investment Board, the people of North Dakota will be wondering if the Burgum-Sanford administration has chosen the good ol’ boys club, outside interests, and spending $150,000 for luxurious tax payer funded renovations to the Governor’s mansion over the hardworking men and women of this state. Our actions speak to our principles, and we have serious concerns about what that means for the NDGOP.”