August 1, 2022

Dem-NPL Lawmakers Request AG Opinion to Clarify ND Abortion Law

Two Democratic-NPL lawmakers today requested an opinion from North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley to clarify the state’s abortion restrictions. Reps. Zac Ista (D-Grand Forks) and Karla Rose Hanson (D-Fargo) said conflicts in statute could result in doctors not treating life-threatening ectopic pregnancies or victims of rape requiring permission from a spouse to obtain an […]

July 29, 2022

Sens. Heckaman and Potter demand answers at Press Conference Thursday

Calls for investigations mount as Senate Minority Leader Joan Heckaman and D-35 Senator Tracy Potter demand answers regarding multiple issues that have engulfed the Attorney General’s office over the past few weeks. “There seems to be a lack of authority to even lease this building, let alone pay for improvements to a building the state […]

“Outrageous and Baffling” says Dem-NPL Chair on Attorney General Drew Wrigley Refusal to Call for Outside Investigate into Deleted Email Account

On Friday, Democratic-NPL Party Chair Patrick Hart said, “It’s outrageous and baffling that Drew Wrigley has decided not to investigate this further. Is he trying to hide something? Democrats and Republicans across the state have called for this. What is going on?” Yesterday, Tim Lamb, candidate for North Dakota Attorney General, demanded that an independent […]

July 22, 2022

Dem-NPL Federal Candidates Christiansen and Haugen blast opponents for spineless inaction on Jan 6th attack on U.S. Capitol

Following the Thursday January 6th Committee Hearing, U.S. Senate Candidate Katrina Christiansen and U.S. House Candidate Mark Haugen criticized their opponents, for their milquetoast responses to the attack on the U.S. Capitol. “Hoeven hides until favorable winds are blowing. The Jan. 6th committee hearings have shown just how dangerous GOP complacency and hunger for power […]

Dem-NPL AG Candidate, Tim Lamb Demands Independent Special Prosecutor Investigate Attorney General Email Account Issues

Tim Lamb, candidate for North Dakota Attorney General, demands that an independent special prosecutor be appointed to conduct an investigation into the intentional deletion of the former attorney general’s entire email history. The facts in this instance indicate that the day after Wayne Stenehjem died, his entire attorney general state government email account was ordered […]

July 19, 2022

Dem-NPL Chair Calls for Investigation into AG Email Deletion

Today on News and Views with Joel Heitkamp, Democratic-NPL Party Chair Pat Hart reamed the likely criminal activity which occurred when the late Attorney General’s email account was deleted and called for an investigation. “These are people that know better,” said Hart, “They knew what they were doing, and they did it anyway. What else […]

July 18, 2022

“More Waste, Fraud, and Abuse” snaps Dem-NPL Chair on Deleted Attorney General Email Account

Emails revealed that the day after Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem died, his spokeswoman, Liz Brocker, requested his email account be deleted saying, “We want to make sure no one has an opportunity to make an Open Record request for his emails, especially as he kept EVERYTHING.” “Again and again we see waste, fraud, and abuse […]

July 1, 2022

Democratic-NPL Lawmakers and Candidates Express Dismay, Frustration with SCOTUS Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta Decision

Bismarck, ND – In Wednesday’s 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court added to their controversial rulings. The decision expanded the authority of state governments on reservation land. Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta erodes tribal sovereignty, and cases like it may continue to do so in the future under this Supreme Court. Justice Neil Gorsuch, who sided with the […]

June 28, 2022

Democratic-NPL Legislative Leaders React To AG Office Budget Overrun

Bismarck, ND – Attorney General Drew Wrigley informed the ND Legislative Budget Section that the Attorney General’s office had accrued significant cost overruns due to a building it leases to house BCI, the Lottery, and the State Fire Marshal. There was a total of $1.8 million in overrun costs. $1.4 million of the unanticipated costs […]

June 24, 2022

North Dakota Legislators and Legislative Candidates React to Supreme Court Decision overturning Roe vs. Wade

Bismarck, ND – Democratic-NPL Legislators and Legislative Candidates reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision to Overturn Roe vs. Wade. Rep. Karla Rose Hanson of Fargo said, “By rolling back abortion rights at the federal level, the court is giving state legislatures the power to determine a pregnant person’s rights. Many states, including North Dakota, will […]