October 30, 2020

NDGOP Floods Mailboxes with Mystery Donor Mailers; Gov. Outsources Campaign 

BISMARCK, ND — Reports by KX News this week shed a little light on the piles of campaign mail stacking up in North Dakota mail boxes. The primary sources come from the dark money group “Brighter Future Alliance,” Gov. Burgum’s campaign, or the “Dakota Leadership PAC.” Burgum is the “Dakota Leadership PAC’s” biggest donor at just short […]

Press Advisory: Election Planning and Press Availability

BISMARCK, ND — With Election Day days away, members of the press are invited to schedule Election Night interviews in advance. While the Dem-NPL is not planning an in-person watch party because of the pandemic, candidates and party officials will be available to press in person and through video calls in Bismarck and in Fargo. Arrangements for […]

October 28, 2020

NDGOP Reps for 200,000 Remain Silent as Last of $1.25 Billion Relief Spent

BISMARCK, ND — The Legislative Budget section passed the final $221 million in federal CARES Act money today, the result of agencies returning previous allocations. The budget section only gets an up or down vote after the six-member Emergency Commission, all Republicans, is largely in control of the process that is closed to public debate and input. About […]

Emergency Commission Shorts Nursing Homes, Leaves Out Emergency Sick Leave That Would Slow Pandemic

BISMARCK, ND — The Legislative Budget Section voted today to allocate the last of the $1.25 billion in federal COVID-19 relief funds. The $221 million had been returned from agencies after previous allocations. The budget section gets only an up or down vote, but Sen. Tim Mathern moved for $16 million in oil company subsidies to be […]

October 27, 2020

Access to Affordable Healthcare Endangered During Crisis After SC Confirmation and NDGOP Inaction

BISMARCK, ND — Last night, North Dakota’s senators moved the nation toward their goal of eliminating the Affordable Care Act with the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Oral arguments over an anti-ACA lawsuit supported by NDGOP leaders, including Governor Burgum, are set for November 10. This lawsuit puts the ACA on the chopping […]

October 25, 2020

Republicans Surrender to Covid-19 as Virus Rages in North Dakota 

BISMARCK, ND — On Sunday, President Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said “we are not going to control the pandemic” as North Dakota’s COVID-19 death toll continues rising and the state’s hospitals are pushed to capacity. Meadows’ CNN interview signaled defeat by the virus much of the world has slowed or at least partly contained. The […]

October 23, 2020

Emergency Commission Makes $16 Million Gift to Oil, $0 for Sick Leave to Slow Pandemic

BISMARCK, ND — Today, the six-member Emergency Commission voted to allocate $221 million in returned CARES Act money meant to help North Dakotans through the COVID-19 pandemic and with the economic recovery. The allocation included a $16 million handout to oil companies, but $0 for an Emergency Sick Leave Fund that would help North Dakota workers stay […]

Burgum Must Withdraw Support for Supreme Court Nominee or Admit Anti-LGBTQ+ Bias

BISMARCK, ND — With the final U.S. Senate vote expected soon on the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Gov. Burgum has not yet answered for the inconsistency in his support for her hurried confirmation and his supposed denunciation of the NDGOP anti-LGBTQ+ platform earlier this year. Barrett has signed on to a letter with the Ethics and Public Policy […]

October 22, 2020

Emergency Commission Plans Gift to Oil Industry While Pandemic Response Lags

BISMARCK, ND — The Emergency Commission is scheduled to meet Friday morning to begin allocating $221 million in returned CARES Act money intended as public health and economic relief from the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated by the lagging response by Republican leaders. The current CARES Act proposal by Gov. Burgum’s administration would allocate another $16 million to oil […]

Legacy Fund Poll Shows NDGOP Voted Against Vision Shared by North Dakotans, Dem-NPL Caucus Resumes Call for North Dakotans First Investment Plan

BISMARCK, ND — A recent survey conducted by WPA Intelligence backs up major reform proposals introduced by the Dem-NPL joint caucuses during the 2019 legislative session and in interim committees, in particular a revolving loan fund for community needs (SB 2276) as well as a Legacy Fund plan to Invest in North Dakotans First. The WPA Intelligence survey said […]