Mystery disinformation texting campaign “blatant attempt to deceive North Dakotans” says Democratic-NPL

June 11, 2024

FARGO – Yesterday, many North Dakotans received a bizarre text message reading “thousands of Democrats are now pulling a Republican primary ballot and voting for Dr. Rick Becker. This is our JFK moment. Vote Rick Becker in the GOP primary tomorrow.” Today—Election Day—another text went out falsely claiming that GOP candidate Julie Fedorchak had dropped out of the race.

North Dakota Democratic-NPL Spokeswoman Laura Dronen said, “This blatant attempt to deceive North Dakotans is disgusting. We don’t know who sent these messages, but as we move to the general election we all must be vigilant. In our digital age rife with deep fakes and AI-generated images, disinformation and lies spread like wildfire.”