NDGOP & Gov Burgum Gut Unemployment Benefits and Security for Workers of North Dakota

Bismarck, ND –  Yesterday, Gov. Doug Burgum announced the state will pull out of four federally provided programs that offer extra compensation and longer eligibility to unemployed North Dakotans. Burgum and the entire NDGOP coordinated to tell the working class of our state that they are livestock to be ushered back to historically underpaying, underprotected minimum wage jobs. The NDGOP continues to hinder North Dakota’s ability to recover from the pandemic, maintaining their commitment to vicious, violent animosity towards the men and women who build our state.

Dem-NPL Chair Patrick Hart commented on the NDGOP’s decision to gut benefits:

“As a small business owner the greatest thing I get to do for the community is to serve them and their needs. Hard work for a fair, livable wage is what built North Dakota and what continues to drive the innovation we see in our state. What is not a part of our North Dakota values is kicking people when they are down and treating them viciously, instead of with unmatched kindness. When the pandemic fractured our communities, killed our loved ones, and forced businesses to close, how did the NDGOP respond? They fought science with conspiracy theories, they voted to make the rich even richer, and they wasted our tax dollars on unconstitutional nonsense instead of helping out our neighbors. That is the issue we should be talking about.”

Chair Hart continues:

“We are asking Governor Burgum to sit down with business owners, workers, unemployment recipients and union reps, and have a dialogue about this issue. As Rep. Boschee and countless other North Dakotans have asked, where was the analysis done for this decision? Was it rooted in sound fiscal policy, or was it informed by the feedback loop of fringe right-wing media to legislators and back? What is the average wage for open jobs? What communities are these jobs even available in? What non-lobbyist groups gave input on this decision? These choices have a massive impact on the lives of real North Dakotans and we demand answers, and accountability, from the entire NDGOP.”