Burgum And NDGOP Play Politics With National Guard

Bismarck, ND –  Instead of ensuring that North Dakota businesses, workers and communities fully recover from a once-in-a-generation pandemic, Governor Burgum and the NDGOP are playing politics with the National Guard. This decision to send our service men and women to the border continues a disturbing trend, started by Attorney General Stenehjem, of assisting Texas officials with their misguided, unplanned, and politically driven agenda that in no way, shape, or form helps North Dakotans.

Our servicemen and women dedicate their careers to protecting North Dakota and the United States of America. They did not make that commitment to be used as a pawn in a rich, elitist Governor’s political playbook, who only cares about raising his national profile.

Chairman Hart commented on this decision, saying:

“We can discuss the merits of this decision by the Governor till the sun comes up. But what I’m concerned about is how quickly he made this decision knowing that at the end of the month, thousands of North Dakotan families will be lying awake wondering where the mortgage will come from, how they will afford childcare, or how they will be able to pay off that credit card. The Governor has an obligation to ensure that our communities are able to get back on their feet, but he continues to choose politics over people.”

Chairman Hart continued:

“Make no mistake, the people at our southern border come, not to burden America, but to flee unimaginable violence, poverty, and insecurity in hopes of becoming a part of the greatest country to ever exist. “