Cramer Out of Touch with ND, Example Infinity

(BISMARCK, ND) – It’s clear Kevin Cramer is out of touch with the needs of North Dakotans. The latest example? Cramer has doubled tripled quadrupled quintupled down on his blind support of the administration’s trade war- despite the growing evidence that its havoc-wreaking effects are increasing. See for yourself:

Cramer, just yesterday: “POTUS has chosen the use of tariffs in trade negotiations. While I would prefer a different approach, it’s essential we support his efforts.”

Rugby, ND farmer: “I’m terrified of this trade thing. I lose sleep over it […] It’s just the uncertainty of it.”

Read more about the Cramer-endorsed trade war here and how he’s flipped and flopped on helping North Dakota’s farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers to kowtow to his D.C. political bosses.