Cramer Continues to Jeopardize Social Security On Its 83rd Anniversary

(BISMARCK, ND) – On the 83rd anniversary of the Social Security Act, here’s a look back at the times Kevin Cramer has supported cutting or endangering Social Security, earning him a lifetime score of nine percent from the Alliance for Retired Americans. In contrast, Senator Heitkamp has a lifetime score of ninety percent. Between his signals to gut Social Security – and Medicare – it’s clear Cramer’s anti-senior agenda is wrong for North Dakota.

  1. Cramer claimed not touching Social Security was “good to campaign on, but it’s hard to do.”
  2. Cramer suggested raising the retirement age.
  3. Cramer has advocated for altering Social Security for folks 50 years of age and younger.
  4. Cramer called for “maybe a little means testing” for Social Security.
  5. Cramer would not commit to protecting Social Security or Medicare from cuts in order to deal with the debt created by tax reform.
  6. Cramer has supported privatizing Social Security.
  7. Cramer voted against protecting Social Security from a government shutdown.

It’s no wonder Cramer is hurriedly trying to paper over his record of support for gutting Social Security in an election year.