Boschee and Oversen Introduce “ND HUB” Modernization Package for State Government

Dem-NPL candidates for Secretary of State and Tax Commissioner introduce modernization vision to bring North Dakota government into the 21st Century

(BISMARCK, ND) — Today, Democratic-NPL candidates for Secretary of State Josh Boschee and Tax Commissioner Kylie Oversen introduced their vision for modernizing the offices to better serve businesses, nonprofit organizations, farmers, and employers in their dealings with state government.

The vision centers around creating the “ND Hub,” an online resource for businesses, farmers and other organizations to register and maintain compliance efficiently. By partnering with businesses, nonprofit organizations, farmers, and employers, the Hub would be an effective way to break down silos in state government to reduce costs, provide greater transparency, and proactively engage with North Dakotans.

“The Secretary of State’s office is the front door to North Dakota’s 72,000 small businesses and many nonprofit organizations, but many find the registration and compliance processes cumbersome and outdated,” said Representative Josh Boschee, Democratic-NPL candidate for Secretary of State. “By partnering with business owners and industry leaders, ND Hub will be an intuitive platform that helps connect businesses to the various government entities they need to engage with. My goal as Secretary of State will be to eliminate inefficiencies and make sure the compliance process is as easy as possible for businesses, employers, farmers, and nonprofits.”

“Over the past six months, I have been traveling to many communities across the state, and visiting with business owners, community leaders, local elected officials, and others about what they would like to see in the Tax Commissioner’s office,” said Kylie Oversen, Democratic-NPL candidate for Tax Commissioner. “For many taxpayers, there is frustration over what they identify as a lack of transparency from the Tax Commissioner’s office. They aren’t sure where their tax dollars are going. Simple communication from the Tax Commissioner would ease many concerns. We need state government officials that are proactively looking to create efficiency and better serve North Dakotans. I look forward to implementing this vision as Tax Commissioner.”

Watch the press conference here.