Read the Dozen Times Cramer Has Jeopardized Medicare

(BISMARCK, ND) – On the 53rd anniversary of Medicare, here’s a non-comprehensive list of the times Cramer has jeopardized Medicare – from calling for “means testing” to suggesting that Congress had to “get after”Medicare in order to balance the budget after voting for a budget-busting tax cut for the wealthy.

“Congressman Cramer can’t fool North Dakota’s seniors with his election year pandering – they’ve heard his repeated signals that call for cuts to Medicare and know he’d get rid of their hard-earned benefits to pay for his massive tax cut to the wealthy. Come November, they’ll hold Cramer accountable.”

  1. Cramer claimed Congress had to “get after entitlement reform to deal with the debt and deficit – after he voted for a $2 trillion budget-busting tax cut for the wealthy [Dec. 19, 2017].
  2. Cramer voted for a budget that would have begun the privatization of Medicare [March 25, 2015].
  3. Cramer suggested implementing “means testing so that some would “pay a little more of a premium for their Medicare” [July 19, 2018].
  4. Cramer refused to fully protect Medicare that folks 50 to 55 have earned, saying they would either face “small” cuts with “policy changes today,” or face Medicare that is “cut dramatically” [July 19, 2018].
  5. Cramer claimed he thought Medicare could use “some means testing” [February 14, 2018].
  6. Cramer called for “little things like indexing, for example,” and “maybe a little means testing” for Medicare and Social Security [April 25, 2018].
  7. Cramer claimed means testing for Social Security and Medicare could have “a huge impact” on balancing the federal budget [April 25, 2018].
  8. Cramer claimed changes to Medicare were necessary [February 14, 15, 17, 2018].
  9. Cramer clearly specified wanting to “do some things” with Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaidsuggesting “means testing”” and “changing age a little bit in the out years” [February 13, 2018].
  10. Cramer claimed “entitlement” spending had to be dealt with [February 15, 2018].
  11. Cramer wanted “entitlement reform” to come after passing his massive tax cut for the wealthy – in order to pay for the cut[September 7, 2017].
  12. Cramer would not commit to protecting Social Security or Medicare from cuts in order to deal with the debt created by tax reform [December 20, 2017].