#ThrowbackThursday: It’s Literally Your Job Edition

March 14th, 2019


#ThrowbackThursday: It’s literally your job edition
(BISMARCK, ND) – We have a habit of calling our elected officials “Leaders” and they are but they also are REPRESENTING the will of the people. (or at least they say that while on the campaign trail.) If you truly want to be of service to your community and the state, common sense would tell you listening to the people in your community would be a good start.At the VERY least don’t complain about having to listen to constituents. Scott Meyer must have missed that day in Freshmen Politics 101. Back in February of 2017 he tweeted, “The Pontification Festival is over. Not many questions asked to the legislators, but we were lectured. Great way to spend a Saturday.” The grievance was retweeted by another Republican legislator from Grand Forks, Rep. Jake Blum. It is not the job of constituents to ask you interesting questions. It is your job to listen to the constituents.

If that doesn’t tell you that Meyer and Blum don’t get how this works. Maybe Blum’s vote against paid family leave, or Meyers many votes against increased funding for services we depend on will. In 2020 Grand Forks voters will remember the disdain Meyer and Blum have towards them.