Cramer & Hoeven: The Administration First, North Dakota & The Military Last

March 14th, 2019


Cramer and Hoeven: The Administration First, North Dakota and the Military Last

(Bismarck, ND)– Federal funding for military projects to the tune of $98 million could have been lost, due to Senators Cramer and Hoeven’s blind loyalty to the Administration.Two projects, including a helicopter facility in Minot, and a National Guard Readiness Center in Fargo were sanctioned for the fiscal year 2019. President Trump’s emergency declaration would put those projects at risk if the border wall funding were not blocked by the Senate. However, today Senators Cramer and Hoeven put the needs of the Administration before North Dakota’s by voting against repealing President Trump’s national emergency.

“Over two weeks ago Kevin Cramer claimed that he and Senator Hoeven were in a position to ‘maximize the incredible contributions that this state makes to the security of our country’ but by voting to cost North Dakota $98 million in military funding, neither Cramer or Hoeven are interested in helping North Dakota keep our country safe” said Scott McNeil, Executive Director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party. “With their votes today to risk $98 million in military funding for North Dakota, Senators Cramer and Hoeven made our military less strong and our country less safe.”

Several Republicans have vowed to vote to overturn the emergency declaration because they are aware of the financial impact it will have on their state. The memo apparently has not reached the desk of Kevin Cramer or John Hoeven, as they have shown the people of North Dakota that nothing comes before party, even if it means putting our national security at risk.