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Burgum And NDGOP Play Politics With National Guard

Bismarck, ND –  Instead of ensuring that North Dakota businesses, workers and communities fully recover from a once-in-a-generation pandemic, Governor Burgum and the NDGOP are playing politics with the National Guard. This decision to send our service men and women to the border continues a disturbing trend, started by Attorney General Stenehjem, of assisting Texas officials with their misguided, unplanned, and politically driven agenda that in no way, shape, or form helps North Dakotans.

Our servicemen and women dedicate their careers to protecting North Dakota and the United States of America. They did not make that commitment to be used as a pawn in a rich, elitist Governor’s political playbook, who only cares about raising his national profile.

Chairman Hart commented on this decision, saying:

“We can discuss the merits of this decision by the Governor till the sun comes up. But what I’m concerned about is how quickly he made this decision knowing that at the end of the month, thousands of North Dakotan families will be lying awake wondering where the mortgage will come from, how they will afford childcare, or how they will be able to pay off that credit card. The Governor has an obligation to ensure that our communities are able to get back on their feet, but he continues to choose politics over people.”

Chairman Hart continued:

“Make no mistake, the people at our southern border come, not to burden America, but to flee unimaginable violence, poverty, and insecurity in hopes of becoming a part of the greatest country to ever exist. “

Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan Demands NDGOP Support

Bismarck, ND –  The $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is a critical step in implementing President Biden’s Build Back Better vision. This is a framework that all North Dakotans can champion, and we should be seeing support from the NDGOP officials including Senators Hoeven & Cramer in Congress and across the state. The Dem-NPL has fought for decades to improve the conditions of our infrastructure which will lead to better roads and bridges for our truck drivers, better internet for working families in rural communities, and invest in the economy of tomorrow for North Dakotan workers. This is objectively a good investment for North Dakota and our NDGOP officials need to get onboard or step aside so real leadership can get to work.

Chairman Hart commented on the framework

“After a year of uncertainty in this pandemic, we welcome President Biden’s plan with open arms as he and Democrats in Congress seek to improve our daily lives here in North Dakota. This framework, as we did decades ago to bring electricity to rural communities across America, will bring reliable high-speed internet to every corner of the country and North Dakota. We cannot afford to continue as normal, President Biden is bringing forward robust legislation that myself as a small business owner, and my community will benefit from. We have a chance with this framework to win the 21st century and beat out our competitors in China and elsewhere. We need more of this leadership in Washington, not less.”

Chairman Hart continued

“What we are seeing from our current leadership in North Dakota is complete opposition to everything being proposed in Congress. Whether we like it or not, the future is coming and America needs investments like these to win the next century. When Democrats put forward the American Rescue Plan that provides checks and support for our communities through the pandemic, John Hoeven was against it. When President Biden started working on this framework to boost infrastructure all across North Dakota, Kevin Cramer couldn’t be found to offer his ideas. Just more of the same, ‘No because no because no because no.’ Dem-NPL leaders and voters across this state think creating a generation of good-paying union jobs and building organic economic growth that positions the United States to win the 21st century is a good thing, I guess my NDGOP friends don’t agree.”


Despite Efforts From NDGOP, Affordable Care Act Upheld By Supreme Court

Bismarck, ND –  Yesterday the Supreme Court ended years of efforts to destroy North Dakotans, and Americans overall, healthcare as we know it. Despite efforts from NDGOP leaders including Senator John Hoeven and Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, the Supreme Court saw beyond their dedication to ripping away healthcare from those who need it most and secured the Affordable Care Act for the future.

Chairman Hart commented on the ruling

“What yesterday’s ruling showed is that despite the unwavering commitment from the NDGOP to taking away your healthcare, your neighbor’s healthcare, and weakening our communities through worse coverage at higher costs, they have failed. What the Affordable Care Act does is give our neighbors access to quality healthcare that won’t cost them an arm and a leg. North Dakotans look out and care for one another and we are grateful to the Supreme Court for protecting the ACA.”

Former Congressman Earl Pomero released a statement yesterday after the 7-2 ruling

“Today the Supreme Court once again rejected an effort to take health insurance coverage away from thousands of Dakotans and tens of millions of Americans. This defeat of the challenge to the Affordable Care Act means the protections so many now have against crushing health costs are secure. The Court overwhelmingly rejected the lawsuit by 20 states to strike down this law.” 

Pomeroy continued

“I strongly disagree with Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem putting North Dakota in on this effort which the Supreme Court rejected. He may have lost another lawsuit, but the people of North Dakota  won a great victory. Their Affordable Care Act coverage will not be taken away.” 

Chair Oversen Releases Statement on President Biden’s 100 Days in Office.

Bismarck, ND –  Dem-NPL Chair Kylie Oversen released the following statement on President Biden’s first hundred days in office.

“North Dakotans are grateful to have a leader in the White House. A leader that champions working class families and cherishes our shared values as Americans. When President Biden took the oath of office, there was a shroud of darkness cast over the country with most of us still reeling from a violent insurrection, but still we as a nation pressed forward under his administration’s guidance.

“Now the results are demonstrable. In just 100 days we have seen a robust commitment to ending the COVID-19 pandemic with more than 200 million shots being given to Americans and $1,400 checks – that both North Dakota Senators opposed – going to help support small business owners, teachers, and working class North Dakotans.

“As we move beyond President Biden’s first 100 days, the writing is on the wall for Republicans like Senators Hoeven and Cramer who stand in the way of progress for North Dakotans; get in or get out of the way. The momentum and popularity that President Biden’s agenda has is unmatched in history. Americans are ready for the American Jobs Plan to give us good paying, union jobs. North Dakotans are ready for the American Families Plan, which will aggressively invest in our children and their futures. There is no time to waste and we at Dem-NPL look forward to the fight and bright future to come.”