No Thanks To NDGOP, ND Families Receive Increased Child Tax Credit Benefits

Bismarck, ND –  When North Dakota and the nation needed leadership to guide us through a once in a generation pandemic, President Biden, Dem-NPL, and Democratic leadership stepped up. With the American Rescue Plan, millions of families, and thousands in North Dakota, will begin to feel relief from the expansion of the child tax credit. Not a single Republican in Congress, including Senator Hoeven, supported taking care of our families during this crisis. With this expansion, 157,000 children in North Dakota will be helped by Democratic leadership. This is yet another instance of millions that whereas Dem-NPL leaders are focused on fighting for your community, the NDGOP is focused on wasting your tax dollars, and leaving our neighbors to fend for themselves.

Chair Hart commented on this decision, saying:

“4,000 families in North Dakota will be able to say their children have been lifted out of poverty due to the work that President Biden and Democratic leadership are doing. Isn’t that what we are all called to do? To help one another, to lift our communities into new possibilities? That is what the North Dakotan spirit means to me and I am saddened to learn that despite having opportunity after opportunity the NDGOP decides to act as a roadblock towards real action that improves our communities.”