Welcome to Cramer’s Chronicles where, every Friday, we’ll break down the latest and greatest weekly hits about Cramer’s crooked, self-serving, extreme, and gaffe-prone behavior that puts himself and his partisan politics ahead of North Dakotans.

CRAMER-ENDORSED LAWSUIT COULD GUT PRE-EXISTING CONDITION COVERAGE. Last week, Kevin Cramer announced his support for the ill-advised, partisan lawsuit that could remove coverage for the more than 300,000 North Dakotans who have pre-existing conditions, furthering his blatant attack on our health care.

OUR TAKE: Cramer’s decision leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that he’d rather cater to his political bosses than stand up for the quality care that North Dakotans need and deserve.

DEM-NPL LAUNCHES GOOGLE ADS ON HEALTH CARE. This week, the ND Dem-NPL launched updated Google search ads that direct viewers to a health care landing page to hold Cramer accountable for his support for this disastrous lawsuit and his broader health care agenda that could harm folks with pre-existing conditions by making them pay more out of pocket for their care, impose an ‘Age tax’ on older adults, and spike health care costs. The ads were first reported by NBC and the National Journal. See the ads below:

AND DON’T MISS… Heidi for North Dakota’s latest TV and digital ad, “Denise,” where Heitkamp promises to defend protections for pre-existing conditions for folks like Denise from Killdeer against Cramer’s dangerous attacks.

CATTY CRAMER” TRYING TO REWRITE HISTORY ON THE TRADE WAR. Cramer has been a staunch cheerleader of the trade war from the beginning. But now, as Election Day nears and endorsing the trade war hasn’t been the most politically expedient decision, he’s scrambling to rewrite history by claiming that he’s always been against it. That’s false – and desperation has clearly set in. This week, Cramer even called Senator Heitkamp “an enemy of our own country” for working to stop the trade war and mitigate harm to North Dakota farmers, Cramer is in full damage-control mode, but his attempts to paper over his long record of blind support for the trade war won’t work.

You’ll be dizzy after reading these flip flops, so fair warning before you click here to read more on Cramer’s full embrace of the trade war in which he fulfills his promise to be a rubber stamp, even when it’s bad for North Dakotans.

VALLEY NEWS LIVE: CRAMER’S AD “MISLEADING.” From Valley News Live on Cramer’s latest TV ad: “By using the video, it appears as though we are questioning Senate Majority PAC on their latest ads. We are not. […] Because of this, we must label the most recent ad from Cramer’s campaign as ‘misleading.’

This isn’t the first time Cramer and his campaign have been called out for their falsehoods: See more:
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CRAMER, THE INEFFECTIVE CONGRESSMAN. Cramer is certainly living up to his ranking at the least effective member of the North Dakota congressional delegation. Maybe that’s why he’s continually taking credit for Senator Heitkamp’s work:

1. Claim: Cramer took credit for lifting the oil export ban.

Reality: Heidi became “something of a fixture” in panel discussions and on TV and worked “for months” to form “a quiet, persistent alliance” with Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski to overturn the ban.

2. Claim: Cramer has taken credit for introducing a fix to the Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) commodity support program included in the Farm Bill.

Reality: Heidi introduced and pushed for a fix to ARC issues and the farm safety net program.

3. Claim: Cramer touted that he introduced legislation which incentivized carbon capture technology.

Reality: Heidi has always been a champion for clean coal and carbon sequestration technology, and has worked across the aisle to bring together “an unprecedented coalition” for commonsense solutions.

JEOPARDIZING SOCIAL SECURITY. Wonder how many times Cramer has called for changes to Social Security, from means testing to raising the retirement age to privatization, that all signal his desire to gut this vital program? We counted at least seven – and that’s a far from comprehensive number. No wonder he’s trying to paper over his record now that an election is near. Read them here