ICYMI: Cramer’s Baffling Week in the News

(BISMARCK, ND) – Kevin Cramer is spiraling after a week of missteps, strange comments, and falsehoods on the issues North Dakotans care most about. See for yourself:

🤔MONDAY: Cramer once again states that we need to “support” this trade war, no matter what – while a farmer from Rugby, ND expresses what’s really happening on the ground: “I’m terrified of this trade thing. I lose sleep over it […] It’s just the uncertainty of it.”

🤔TUESDAY: Cramer is called out for his latest “misleading” TV ad.

🤔THURSDAY: Cramer called Senator Heitkamp “an enemy of our own country” for working to stop the trade war and mitigate harm to North Dakota farmers, leading Politico Morning Score to call him “not so North Dakota nice.”

🤔ALSO THURSDAY: Cramer pens a misleading op-ed that claims he’s always been against tariffs and the trade war in an attempt to rewrite history. In reality, he’s blindly supported this effort from the beginning.

🤔FRIDAY: Cramer compared someone wanting him to stand up against tariffs to “shoot[ing himself] in the head.”

🤔ALSO FRIDAY: Axios fact checked Cramer’s claim that he’s protected pre-existing condition coverage, finding that folks “could be offered coverage that was too expensive to be attainable or that excluded health benefits that they needed — making the remaining coverage guarantee relatively worthless.”

🤔NEXT WEEK: Damage-control mode continues.