Welcome to Crooked Cramer’s Chronicles where, every Friday, we’ll break down the latest and greatest weekly hits about Cramer’s crooked, self-serving, extreme, and gaffe-prone behavior that puts himself and his partisan politics ahead of North Dakotans.

DEM-NPL LAUNCHES GOOGLE ADS ON CRAMER’S DANGEROUS HEALTH CARE AGENDA. As first reported by the National Journal, the Dem-NPL launched Google search ads to mark the one year anniversary of the failure of ‘skinny repeal’ and remind North Dakota voters that, if Cramer had his way, they would be worse off: facing spiked premiums and stripped coverage. The ads direct viewers to a landing page that breaks down Cramer’s dangerous health care agenda, including harming folks with pre-existing conditions, imposing an ‘age tax’ on older North Dakotans, and spiking health care costs. See the ad:

And don’t miss Cramer’s infamous assertion that folks with pre-existing conditions are trying to “game” and “abuse” the system.

CRAMER’S HEALTH CARE PLAN “WRONG SOLUTION” FOR FARMERS. On top of Cramer’s harmful health care agenda, a recent report finds that skimpy health plans, the kind Cramer supports, “would be inadequate and unaffordable” and “would do more harm than good” to farmers and farm workers. With two out of three farmers and ranchers reporting having a pre-existing condition, this type of agenda is the exact opposite of what is needed – but that doesn’t seem to bother Cramer.

CRAMER’S TRADE WAR “A SELF-INFLICTED WOUND.” That’s how a former Ag Secretary described the Cramer-endorsed trade war amid concerns that North Dakota’s farmers and businesses are in for “a prolonged” standoff. Don’t forget: Despite overwhelming evidence that the trade war is inflicting real damage in the state, Cramer called these concerns “hysteria.” And while other Republican members of Congress are standing up against the trade war, Cramer is nowhere to be found. He’s still fanning the flames.


  • “The thing that is at the forefront for anybody that is in production agriculture is getting rid of our crop this fall,” said Burgum, the governor’s first cousin. “It’s not just that the administration is going to throw $12 billion at the farmer, it’s moving the crop.”
  • “I think we believe across the board that tariffs are bad policy,” Skunes [president of the Corn Board for the National Corn Growers Association] said. “Instead of imposing tariffs, we would like the administration to be out creating new trade agreements … and get back to the bargaining table and finish up the negotiations with China so we can take all these tariffs off.”

#STANDWITHND. Anytime the White House comes to visit, it’s an opportunity for us to talk about the issues important to North Dakotans – and the Dem-NPL did just that, holding a Day of Action where nearly 200 volunteers reached out to over 10,000 voters. From concerns about the trade war that’s crippling our farmers and businesses to providing affordable care for families, we heard North Dakotans’ concerns. And Congressman Cramer? He was too busy holding a high-dollar, closed-door fundraiser. The contrast couldn’t be clearer.

DID YOU SEE OUR AD IN THE GRAND FORKS HERALD? In case you missed it, the Dem-NPL called on Cramer to put politics aside and put North Dakotans first during the VP’s visit by standing up for farmers, ranchers, and businesses against the disastrous trade war; standing up for the nearly 300,000 North Dakotans who have a pre-existing condition and are at risk of losing their care; and standing up for North Dakota’s seniors by supporting Social Security and Medicare.

But, in typical Cramer fashion, that didn’t happen. Here’s what we heard from him on how he’ll #StandWithND:

CRAMER’S ANTI-SENIOR AGENDA. Cramer is continuing to mislead North Dakotans, telling them he’ll protect Social Security and Medicare, while simultaneously advocating for “means testing” and increasing Medicare premiums. No wonder he has a lifetime score of nine percent from the Alliance for Retired Americans. North Dakotans won’t be fooled by his phony ads – they want someone like Heidi who’s fought and will keep fighting to protect their hard-earned benefits. Read more here.