Cramer’s Anti-Senior Agenda: Hiked Medicare Premiums, Calls to Cut Social Security & Medicare

Despite his false ads, Cramer is still pushing for “means testing” and cuts to ND seniors’ benefits – and even suggested increasing premiums for Medicare

(BISMARCK, ND) – Congressman Cramer is continuing to lie to North Dakotans: telling them he’ll protect Social Security and Medicare, when his actions and his recent comments show us otherwise. Just last week, he added to his talk of “means testing” and cuts to Medicare by floating increased Medicare premiums for some North Dakota seniors. It’s no wonder the Alliance for Retired Americans has given him a lifetime score of nine percent. But anyone who’s heard Cramer’s repeated calls for cutting Social Security and Medicare shouldn’t be surprised. It’s all part of Cramer’s anti-senior agenda.

Even after his false ad claiming he’d protect these programs, Cramer has continued to call for cuts:

  1. During a radio interview last week, Cramer once again suggested implementing “means testing” so that some would “pay a little more of a premium for their Medicare.”
  2. During the same interview, Cramer once again refused to fully protect Medicare that folks 50 to 55 have earned, saying they would either face “small” cuts with “policy changes today,” or face Medicare that is “cut dramatically.”

“Once again, Congressman Cramer is proving he can’t be honest with North Dakotans – trying to fool our seniors by calling the cuts he wants to make to Medicare ‘small changes’ and trying to scare them into believing that otherwise they’d face ‘dramatic cuts’ tomorrow. And despite his phony ads, he’s still pushing for ‘means testing’ and even said some seniors should face hiked Medicare premiums… how much more out of touch can you get?” said Courtney Rice, Press Secretary for the North Dakota Democratic-NPL.“North Dakota’s seniors deserve a leader like Heidi who’s fought and will keep fighting to protect their hard-earned benefits – not the Medicare cuts or premium increases in Cramer’s anti-senior agenda.”

WATCH: Cramer’s repeated calls to cut Social Security and Medicare.
Read the facts: Cramer has claimed cuts to Social Security and Medicare were unpopular, but necessary, and specifically mentioned means testing and raising the retirement age. Cramer voted for his party’s disastrous health care plan, against the urging of the AARP, that would have harmed Medicare and imposed an age tax on older North Dakotans. Cramer voted for a budget that would have begun the privatization of Medicare, and Cramer has remained silent about an extremist budget proposal that would enact cuts to these and other vital programs.