After Increasing Debt Nearly $2 Trillion, Cramer Yet Again Reminds Us He’s Fiscally Irresponsible

(BISMARCK, ND) As the trade war’s biggest cheerleader, Kevin Cramer has been pushing a reckless trade agenda that’s threatening the very livelihood of North Dakota’s farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers. It looks like it’s starting to threaten taxpayers, too.

Last year, Cramer voted to blow up our national debt to the tune of nearly $2 trillion dollars. Now, he’s at it again – by making our economy vulnerable to ‘self-inflicted’ wounds that will cost taxpayers a whopping $12 billion. Asked if he supports Senator Heitkamp’s legislation to give farmers aid – at no additional cost to taxpayers – Cramer said he’d rather take the budget-busting approach.

“Time and again, Kevin Cramer has shown North Dakotans that he can’t be trusted with taxpayer dollars,” said Courtney Rice, Press Secretary for the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “From his vote to add nearly $2 trillion to our national debt to helping start the trade war and pushing to make health care more expensive, it’s clear that Cramer cares more about advancing his own political career than the debt burden we’re passing onto our children and grandchildren.”