After 3 Days, Gov. Burgum Refuses to Condemn Trump ‘Trail of Tears’ Tweet

“After Three Days, Governor Burgum Refuses to Condemn Trump’s Trail of Tears Tweet”

After Senator Elizabeth Warren announced her campaign for President, President Donald Trump tweeted “See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz” in a reference to the Trail of Tears. The Trail of Tears was a forced relocation program that moved thousands of Native Americans from their homes to territories in the Western United States, causing the deaths of approximately 4,000 people.
“The Trail of Tears is one this country’s greatest shames,” said Warren Larson, chairman of the Democratic-NPL Party. “For a President to joke about such an event is offensive, but what is even more outrageous is Governor Burgum’s refusal to stand up for North Dakota’s native population. It’s clear that party loyalty is more important to the Governor that our state’s native communities.”
“After historic native turnout in 2018, Governor Burgum has all of sudden started acting like he is  concerned about the issues impacting native communities. However, until he denounces this offensive tweet, his recent focus on native issues is just that…an act.”

Dem-NPL Statement on Rep. Rick Becker

Dem-NPL Statement on Representative Rick Becker:


Dem-NPL Chairman Warren Larson issued the following statement regarding Representative Rick Becker’s (R-Bismarck) offensive Facebook post.


“Representative Becker’s Facebook post is offensive to victims of sexual assault and violence and beneath the office he holds. His refusal to apologize and the fact that he is fundraising off this controversy shows his indifference to the pain sexual assault victims face everyday.”


It is outrageous that Governor Burgum, the ND GOP, and ND GOP leaders continue to remain silent on this issue and show they apparently support his repulsive post and will put the members of their party over the people of North Dakota.”

Press Release: North Dakota House Republicans Oppose Democrats and President Trump on Paid Family Leave

“North Dakota House Republicans Oppose Democrats and President Trump on Paid Family Leave”

Yesterday afternoon, Republicans in the North Dakota House nearly unanimously opposed HB 1509, sponsored by Rep. Karla Rose Hanson (D-Fargo). HB 1509 would establish a paid family leave program by requiring employers and employees where there are 50 or more individuals employed, to fund a paid family leave bank, where eligible employees who need to take time off to care for a family member like a newborn child or sick relative, would be eligible for 66% of their salary, up to $4,000 a month.


While North Dakota House Republicans were rejecting a paid family leave on Tuesday afternoon, on Tuesday evening, President Trump announced his proposal for a paid family leave program paid by employees and employers and managed at the state level.


“Paid family leave is a good common sense idea to help working families and I am glad that President Trump agrees. President Trump’s proposal is a good first step” said Warren Larson, Chair of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party. “It is unfortunate that House Republicans yesterday put partisanship over North Dakota working families. Now that President Trump has proposed paid family leave legislation, I predict that a lot of North Dakota Republicans in the Legislature will all of sudden find themselves supporting Rep. Hanson’s bill.”

North Dakota Republicans tell North Dakotans: “We’re smarter than you”

North Dakota Republicans tell North Dakotans: “We’re smarter than you.”
Yesterday the North Dakota legislators heard two very different pieces of legislation to implement
Measure 1, which was supported by 54% of North Dakota voters during the last election.
SB 2148 filed by Senator Tim Mathern (D-Fargo) would honor the will of the voters by clarifying
behavior by legislators and lobbyists and establish an ethics commission.

On the other hand, HB 1521 proposed by House Majority Leader Chet Pollert (R-Carrington) is
being supported by the lobbyists and special interests who want to undo last November’s election
and will weaken the intent of Measure 1. In addition. Pollert appointed Rep. Jim Kasper
(R-Fargo), known for taking advantage of lobbyist funded trips to Antigua as chair of the
Ethics committee which heard HB 1521.

“By supporting HB 1521 Republicans in the Legislature are saying that they think they are smarter
than North Dakota voters.” said Warren Larson, Chairman of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL

“Both Democrats and Republicans have a responsibility to take the results of Measure 1
seriously. Senator Mathern’s bill shows Dem-NPLers will follow the will of the voters, while by
filing HB 1521 and appointing another lobbyist sponsored traveler  ‘Antigua’ Jim Kasper as
Chair of the House Ethics Committee Chet Pollert and legislative Republicans show their
arrogance and their indifference towards the voters that put them in office in the first place.”

Dem-NPL Statement on Senate Vote on SB 2303

Dem-NPL Statement on Senate Vote on SB 2303: 
Dem-NPL Chairman Warren Larson issued the following statement after the Senate’s failure to pass SB 2303, which would have outlawed discrimination in housing and employment based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
“Once again Senate Republicans are on the wrong side of history and only giving lip service to retaining and attracting new people to North Dakota. It is no secret that North Dakota companies are struggling to recruit new employees and that North Dakota faces challenges in diversifying its economy.
Until Senate Republicans pass legislation that protects all North Dakotans from discrimination, they cannot say they are serious about addressing these problems.”

Dem-NPL Statement on the Re-Opening of the Government

Dem-NPL Statement on the Re-Opening of the Government: 
Dem-NPL Chairman Warren Larson issued the following statement after President Trump announced he would reopen the government without any funding for a border wall.
“Senators Cramer and Hoeven, as well as Congressman Armstrong held North Dakota federal employees, their families, and all North Dakotans who rely on the federal government hostage for over a month over funding for a border wall they knew they were never going to get.
If this is how Senators Cramer and Hoeven and Congressman Armstrong view fighting for North Dakotans I have one request. Please stop!”

Dem-NPL Chairman Larson’s Comments on Government Shutdown

North Dakota Democratic-NPL Chairman Warren Larson issued the following statement after Senators Kevin Cramer and John Hoeven voted to continue the government shutdown.


“The simple truth is that once again Kevin Cramer and John Hoeven chose the Administration and national Republicans over North Dakotans. Senators Cramer and Hoeven chose to support a proposal from the Administration that has no chance of passing the House and reject the same clean proposal to re-open the government that unanimously passed the Senate a few weeks ago.

North Dakotans are suffering from this shutdown. Federal workers throughout North Dakota have not received a paycheck in over a month and are struggling to provide for their families basic life needs, and to make ends meet.  You would think that Senators Cramer and Hoeven would be fighting for North Dakotans and their families who are being hurt by the shutdown. Perhaps, since Kevin Cramer is a federal employee who continues to receive a paycheck during the shutdown he cannot understand the pain he and Senator Hoeven are inflicting on thousands of North Dakotans.