North Dakota Republicans tell North Dakotans: “We’re smarter than you”

North Dakota Republicans tell North Dakotans: “We’re smarter than you.”
Yesterday the North Dakota legislators heard two very different pieces of legislation to implement
Measure 1, which was supported by 54% of North Dakota voters during the last election.
SB 2148 filed by Senator Tim Mathern (D-Fargo) would honor the will of the voters by clarifying
behavior by legislators and lobbyists and establish an ethics commission.

On the other hand, HB 1521 proposed by House Majority Leader Chet Pollert (R-Carrington) is
being supported by the lobbyists and special interests who want to undo last November’s election
and will weaken the intent of Measure 1. In addition. Pollert appointed Rep. Jim Kasper
(R-Fargo), known for taking advantage of lobbyist funded trips to Antigua as chair of the
Ethics committee which heard HB 1521.

“By supporting HB 1521 Republicans in the Legislature are saying that they think they are smarter
than North Dakota voters.” said Warren Larson, Chairman of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL

“Both Democrats and Republicans have a responsibility to take the results of Measure 1
seriously. Senator Mathern’s bill shows Dem-NPLers will follow the will of the voters, while by
filing HB 1521 and appointing another lobbyist sponsored traveler  ‘Antigua’ Jim Kasper as
Chair of the House Ethics Committee Chet Pollert and legislative Republicans show their
arrogance and their indifference towards the voters that put them in office in the first place.”