Dem-NPL Chairman Larson’s Comments on Government Shutdown

North Dakota Democratic-NPL Chairman Warren Larson issued the following statement after Senators Kevin Cramer and John Hoeven voted to continue the government shutdown.


“The simple truth is that once again Kevin Cramer and John Hoeven chose the Administration and national Republicans over North Dakotans. Senators Cramer and Hoeven chose to support a proposal from the Administration that has no chance of passing the House and reject the same clean proposal to re-open the government that unanimously passed the Senate a few weeks ago.

North Dakotans are suffering from this shutdown. Federal workers throughout North Dakota have not received a paycheck in over a month and are struggling to provide for their families basic life needs, and to make ends meet.  You would think that Senators Cramer and Hoeven would be fighting for North Dakotans and their families who are being hurt by the shutdown. Perhaps, since Kevin Cramer is a federal employee who continues to receive a paycheck during the shutdown he cannot understand the pain he and Senator Hoeven are inflicting on thousands of North Dakotans.