VIDEO: 3 big whoppers from Kevin Cramer on Tax Day

(BISMARCK, ND) –  Kevin Cramer really, really, really can’t get his facts right on the Washington Republican tax plan. Whether it was falsely claiming the tax bill would pay for itself, lying to North Dakotans about filing on a postcard or promising that nobody would see a tax hike, Kevin Cramer clearly didn’t know much about the tax bill he voted on.

Here’s a mashup of three big whoppers Kevin Cramer told North Dakotans about the partisan tax bill:



CLAIMKevin Cramer said North Dakotans would be able to file their taxes on a postcard. 

FACT: They won’t – the Republican tax bill fails to deliver on Cramer’s postcard promise.

CLAIMCramer claimed everybody in North Dakota would see a tax cut and nobody would see a tax hike.

FACT: Some North Dakotans are seeing higher taxes and some are seeing no change in their taxes whatsoever.   

CLAIMKevin Cramer said the tax bill will pay for itself and generate 500 billion in new revenue.

FACT: It won’t – Cramer misled North Dakotans on the cost of the tax bill, and a recent Congressional Budget Office report shows that the tax bill will cost more than previously anticipated. Cramer voted to pass on nearly $2 trillion in debt to our kids and grandkids.