TAX DAY SPECIAL: 5 things Kevin Cramer doesn’t want you to know about the tax bill

From broken promises, added debt and kickbacks for the Koch Brothers, Cramer tells tall tales on taxes

(BISMARCK, ND) – On Tax Day, you’ll hear a lot from Kevin Cramer and Mitch McConnell’s D.C. smear machine about the partisan, Washington Republican tax bill. But they’re not telling you the whole story.

Here are 5 things you won’t hear from Cramer or McConnell – his party boss – on Tax Day

1. The tax bill will add nearly $2 trillion to the deficit – much more than previously anticipated. 

By voting for the partisan, Washington Republican tax bill, Kevin Cramer added nearly $2 trillion to the national deficit – far more than previously anticipated. But despite these facts, Cramer has laughed off the deficit and even lied to voters, saying the bill would pay for itself.

2. You still can’t file your taxes on a postcard, despite promises from Cramer.

In addition to lying about the cost of the bill, Kevin Cramer told North Dakotans that they’d be able to file their taxes using a postcard. Despite Cramer’s claim, the tax bill still leaves many complications for families and small businesses and fails to deliver on Cramer’s postcard promise.

3. Health care costs are skyrocketing because of the tax bill. 

By gutting parts of the Affordable Care Act through the partisan tax bill, Cramer voted to raise health care costs for families in North Dakota and across the country. Thanks to changes Cramer supported, the independent Congressional Budget Office estimates premiums could jump nearly 35 percent.

4. Walmart isn’t a tax bill success story. 

Kevin Cramer loves to tout Wal-Mart as a tax bill success story. But behind their PR blitz, Walmart is closing more than 150 stores across the United States and more than 60 Sam’s Club stores, including one in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

5. Cramer voted to give massive tax breaks to the Koch Brothers – who are supporting his campaign – and to corporate executives.

Kevin Cramer doesn’t want you to know that his deep-pocketed political supporters benefited from the tax legislation – he even went so far as to lie and say the tax bill wasn’t supported by the Koch Brothers. But just recently, the out-of-state billionaire Koch Brothers ran a smear campaign against Heidi – using a body double to fool North Dakotans. But Cramer doesn’t want folks to know that the Koch Brothers ran away with billions from the tax bill, as corporate executives and the top one percent got more than 80 percent of the economic gains.