Tick Tock: How Long will it Take Cramer to Put ND Farmers Before his Own Political Ambitions?

WATCH THE CLOCK: Over a month after Cramer deleted his tweet opposing harmful tariffs, Cramer still won’t tell the truth or put North Dakotans first

(BISMARCK, ND) – It took less than one hour for Kevin Cramer to abandon North Dakota farmers and producers in favor of his own political career – deleting his tweet opposing harmful tariffs and replacing it with robust support. But one month, three days and counting later, Cramer is still refusing to put North Dakotans ahead of his own ambitions. How long will it take for Cramer to stand up for our state? The clock is ticking.

North Dakota exports more than two-thirds of its soybean crop to China – and if China’s retaliatory 25 percent levies on soybeans go into effect, that could spell catastrophe for North Dakotans. Cramer is fully aware of the risks – more than 100 business groupshavecalled on Congress to protect Americans from tariffs, and he’s already come under fire in the state for putting partisan politics and personal ambition over North Dakota’s ag economy.

But instead of telling the truth about the tariffs, Cramer has resorted to dishonesty: Becoming a talking points robot, and trivializing the very real concerns of North Dakota farmers and producers as nothing more than political “hysteria.”

“Kevin Cramer knows how much the tariffs would devastate an agriculture state like North Dakota, that’s why he originally tweeted out his opposition. But an about-face didn’t take long once he realized his reward might be greener political pastures – and more green in his own pocket,” said Scott McNeil, Executive Director of the North Dakota ND Dem-NPL. “The longer the clock ticks on, the more Cramer desperate becomes – lying, blaming, and talking-point parroting that’s verging on pathetic. Now the question is – will the clock run out Cramer to finally tell the truth and stand with North Dakotans?”