The Dem-NPL Party Chairwoman Kylie Oversen’s Statement on North Dakota’s 2020 Election Results

We want to sincerely thank every North Dakotan who came out to express their voice at the ballot box yesterday and for the election workers and county auditors who made it possible to do so safely. Turnout across the state was the highest it’s been in many years, and that is always a good thing, even when the votes don’t go our way. 

We’re grateful to every Dem-NPL candidate who stepped up to run and make the voices of thousands of North Dakotans heard in the middle of a pandemic. Each candidate brought unique talent and passion to the table and we are so proud of their work. Their energy and dedication to improving the lives of North Dakotans will leave a lasting impression.

Although the results are disappointing, the Dem-NPL will always fight for working families all across the state. We will continue to hold the governor, statewide officials, and the NDGOP-controlled legislature accountable, especially as North Dakota faces the deepening public health and economic crisis.

Our representatives will continue to be focused on improving healthcare, supporting schools, and investing in infrastructure, which we know are all serious needs across North Dakota and important to working families everywhere. We’re going to keep reaching out and listening to voters, and we’re committed to earning the trust of North Dakotans across the state.