Burgum Makes Macabre Power Grab; Volochenko Earned a Seat at the Table

BISMARCK, ND — Early this morning, Gov. Burgum announced a purported appointment to fill the District 8 House seat in question after the untimely death of David Andahl to COVID-19. Kathrin Volochenko, one of the Dem-NPL nominees for the district, was the second top vote getter among qualified candidates, which should earn her the House seat in question.

The Dem-NPL Chairwoman Kylie Oversen said: 

“The election is not yet official, but the governor already made a macabre power grab in an attempt to keep the seat he thought he had already bought by meddling in his party’s primary. The plan appears to have been in motion for weeks while the COVID-19 crisis and hospital bed shortage grew more dire. His focus on an intra-party feud, rather than saving lives and livelihoods is disappointing and beyond the pale, even for Burgum. 

We agree with Burgum that after David Andahl died, he was no longer qualified to be elected into office. We also agree with the NDGOP legislative leadership that the governor has no authority to fill this seat. We are consulting with our legal advisors and considering the best path forward.”

Kathrin Volochenko, the second highest vote getter among qualified electors in HD-8, said:

“Thank you to everyone in our community who showed up to vote yesterday and in the last few weeks. By earning the second highest number of votes among qualified candidates, I will cherish the opportunity to represent District 8. The governor’s announcement was inappropriate, and District 8 deserves a representative who will stand up for their interests, not the governor’s.”