#TBT: Cramer’s Actions on PSC Raised Serious Questions as to the “Appearance of Impropriety”

(BISMARCK, ND) – Kevin Cramer has always put himself first. Look no further than his time on the Public Service Commission when Cramer took over $55,000 in campaign contributions from the same industries with applications before the PSC.

This led to a lawsuit alleging that Cramer and another commissioner took “improper campaign contributions” from coal mining officials. Although the lawsuit was dismissed because the judge didn’t have jurisdiction, the judge raised flags about Cramer’s actions saying they were “devoid of common sense” and raised serious questions as to the “appearance of impropriety.”

An editorial from the Bismarck Tribune echoed these concerns, noting that “when it comes to campaign contributions and industry regulation, perception is reality” and that Cramer’s decision to take these contributions “raises questions about… impartiality.”

Bottom line: Cramer will always act with his own interests in mind, even when it goes against the interests of North Dakotans and even when it means throwing his own integrity to the wayside.