NEW AD: ND “Being Used as Weapon in This Trade War”

(BISMARCK, ND) – Amid shrinking markets, decreasing soybean prices, and continued uncertainty about the future, the North Dakota Dem-NPL today released :15 and :30 digital ads on the trade war. The ads highlight how Cramer’s refusal to stand up to the administration – and for North Dakotans – against these tariffs is hurting North Dakota’s economy. The ads will run on Facebook for a minimum of two weeks as part of a campaign-long, five-figure digital buy against Cramer.


“Kevin Cramer has made it clear that he won’t stand with North Dakota’s farmers and manufacturers against this trade war,” said Courtney Rice, Press Secretary for the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “Instead, he’s following through on his one campaign promise to stand with the president 100 percent of the time, going so far as to call concerns over the tariffs ‘hysteria.’ Well, with Cramer’s self-imposed September 1st deadline fast approaching, he’ll have to decide where his loyalties are.”