Shot/Chaser: Cramer Claims He Isn’t A Rubber Stamp… Then Votes With Trump 100% of the Time

Kevin Cramer has consistently been a puppet for party politics over North Dakotans, voting with the president even when it’s not in their best interest. Now he’s trying to have it both ways, attempting to convince North Dakotans otherwise, but his record tells a different story.

North Dakotans deserve a Senator who won’t be a rubber stamp for the president when he’s pushing a trade war and gutting protections for folks with pre-existing conditions – and it’s clear Kevin Cramer will never stand up to the president or his party.

SHOT: Cramer Claimed He Did Not Have A 100 Percent Voting Record With Trump.

CHASER: Cramer Voted with Trump 100 Percent of the Time.

  • Roll Call: Cramer Was One Of 77 Republican Members Who Voted Trump’s Way On Every Vote During Which Trump Pushed For A Particular Outcome. [Roll Call, 3/5/18]
  • CQ: Cramer Scored 100 Percent In Presidential Support For Voting In Agreement With Trump’s Positions. [Congressional Quarterly – Vote Study Scores – House 2017, Accessed 2/20/18]