Cramer Advises Trump to “Avoid ‘Affirmative Action Pick’ for Supreme Court”

A week doesn’t go by without blatant ‘ideologue’ Kevin Cramer putting politics above North Dakota values.

CNN: GOP Senate candidate Kevin Cramer: I told Trump to avoid ‘affirmative action pick’ for Supreme Court
By Eric Bradner
July 9, 2018

Key Points:

  • Rep. Kevin Cramer, a Republican running for the Senate in North Dakota, said last week he advised President Donald Trump not to be pressured into making his Supreme Court nomination “some sort of affirmative action pick.”
  • Cramer said he was with Trump on June 27, hours after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he was retiring — a move that gives Trump the opportunity to tip the nine-member court’s balance in conservatives’ favor for potentially years to come. Trump was in North Dakota that day for a campaign rally for Cramer.
  • “It was an exciting day to be with the President, and he asked right out front, ‘Do you have any preferences?'” Cramer said. “I said my only preference would be, don’t succumb to the pressure to make this some sort of an affirmative action pick.”
  • Cramer’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for further explanation about what he meant when he said he didn’t want an “affirmative action pick.”

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