Sen. Cramer Tells North Dakotans to “Bite the Bullet” on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid Amid Pandemic’s Economic Fall-Out

 BISMARCK, ND — In an interview with CNBC, Sen. Kevin Cramer suggested North Dakotans should “bite the bullet” with cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. These programs literally hold up many communities, especially in rural America, even when the nation is not in the middle of a pandemic that will have economic repercussions that last for years.

Democratic-NPL Party Chairwoman Kylie Oversen said:

“Social Security keeps people in their homes. Medicare ensures seniors can go to the doctor, and Medicaid is almost single handedly keeping rural hospitals open. If Kevin Cramer has his way, his constituents will feel the impact more than most. Kevin Cramer has once again shown that he has no idea what real people are facing  his government paycheck and taxpayer funded healthcare is secure no matter what.”