CARES Act Funds Approved By Budget Section

BISMARCK, ND — The North Dakota Budget Section approved CARES funding Act today, enabling the administration to allocate more than $133 million, including support for medical assistance, childcare, education, and public transportation for rural areas.

House Minority Leader Josh Boschee said:

“The CARES Act was an important step in providing relief to North Dakotans, but there are gaps we’re going to need to figure out how to fill at the state level. We will continue to partner with constituents and the governor’s administration, and we encourage North Dakotans to keep speaking up for their needs.”

Senate Minority Leader Joan Heckaman said:

“These funds are essential to the operation of services to North Dakota citizens as their lives change during this pandemic. North Dakotans are strong people but nevertheless, when a tragedy strikes, the state government needs to do all it can to provide a safe environment for everyone. We need to be aware of changing circumstances and care for our friends and neighbors within the guidelines currently available.”