Pay for Play: Cramer sides with special interests, campaign contributors over internet freedom for North Dakotans

Cramer took more than $70,000 from telecom industry last cycle

(BISMARCK, ND) – Today, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) repeal of net neutrality rules are scheduled to take effect – so where does Kevin Cramer stand? Not with North Dakotans. Here are three important things to know about Cramer and his votes to undermine net neutrality and consumer protections for North Dakotans online:

  1. Kevin Cramer voted against strong net neutrality rules. Despite the importance of a free and open internet for North Dakota consumers, small businesses and rural communities, Kevin Cramer voted to block the FCC’s net neutrality rules and voted against funding for the FCC’s net neutrality order.

  2. Kevin Cramer voted to gut consumer protections for North Dakotans online.Last year, Cramer voted to block FCC rules that protect North Dakotans’ internet browsing history. Because of Cramer and his cronies in Congress, big internet service providers can sell consumers’ online browsing history without their permission.
    Cramer pledged to release his own browsing history, but we’re still waiting for him to keep that promise.

  3. Kevin Cramer has been bought by the telecom industry. Kevin Cramer’s votes on internet freedom might not make sense to North Dakotans, but the puzzle fits together when you look at his campaign contributions. According to FEC data, Cramer took more than $70,000 from the telecom industry last cycle – making him one of the top recipients in the House of Representatives.