Cramer comes out swinging for President Trump’s disastrous trade war, totally abandoning North Dakota farmers and ranchers

Farmers feel betrayed by Cramer’s political tap dance

(BISMARCK, ND) – Last week in a campaign email, Kevin Cramer came out swinging for President Trump’s disastrous tariffs – completely abandoning North Dakota farmers, ranchers, manufacturers and workers who are already suffering the consequences from the impending trade war.

Here’s what he said:

“To date, we haven’t had a President with the fortitude to stand up to these unfair practices and now we do. He needs our support. Senator Heitkamp has been critical of Trump’s position while Rep. Kevin Cramer has supported it.”

 So where does Cramer actually stand? He’s been doing cartwheels on this issue since day one – when he initially deleted a tweet opposing the tariffs. That same day, Cramer compared voting against the president to cheating on a wife.

But now, it looks like Cramer has finally come out full-bore for the president’s trade war – at least to his campaign supporters.