NEW DIGITAL AD: Cramer Abdicates Responsibility, Ignores Concerns of ND Farmers, Businesses Hurt By Trade War

Cramer Has Rubber Stamped the Trade War, Putting Political Ambitions Ahead of North Dakotans

Congressman Cramer has heard the concerns of North Dakotans over the president’s trade war, but he’s chosen not to do anything about it.

To call attention to Cramer’s abdication of responsibility, today the North Dakota Democratic-NPL is launching a new video, backed by a Facebook buy, that calls on Cramer to finally put North Dakotans first and work to stop the trade war, rather than kowtowing to the president to win political favor.



See some of the public outcry over Cramer’s inaction on the trade war:

NDxPlains: For Cramer it is Loyalty to Trump above what is best for North Dakota.
Cramer displays his eagerness to be obedient and subservient to President Donald Trump. It is loyalty to Trump over North Dakota. There has been and will continue to be times where President Trump is wrong about what is best for our state. In those moments, North Dakota deserves an independent thinker.”

Prairie Public News: Cramer: Cool the ‘hysteria’ over Chinese tariffs.

Bismarck Tribune: LTE: Farmers in state need some loyalty.
“Farmers and ranchers face enough uncertainty with the weather — we don’t need any more caused by politicians in Washington. That’s why along with so many farmers across North Dakota and the nation, I’ve been deeply concerned by the president’s proposed tariffs. […] I was disappointed that Rep. Kevin Cramer has refused to stand up to the president on this issue. I understand that they’re both from the same party — but that shouldn’t stop Cramer from doing what’s right and standing up for North Dakota.”

Fargo Forum: Letter: Cramer’s blind allegiance to Trump’s tariffs bad for ND farmers.
“Congressman Kevin Cramer certainly pledges his allegiance to the Trump administration every time I listen to his interviews. Cramer is wrong to embrace the Trump tariffs as they are going to have a serious negative impact on middle America and looking at the economic numbers, we cannot afford a set back. […] Congressman Cramer’s blind allegiance to Trump is letting our farmers and ranchers down.”

4-Traders: Major Cramer Supporter: “Any Tariffs Are a Bad Idea.”
“As Kevin Cramer prepares to testify in the U.S. House of Representatives today on Chinese tariffs that could have a devastating impact on North Dakota’s ag economy and energy industry – it’s worth reminding: Not even one of Cramer’s biggest donors thinks these tariffs are a good idea – in fact, he flatly told CNN: ‘I think any tariffs are a bad idea.’

But since the day Cramer drew a line in the sand – saying voting against President Trump is akin to marital infidelity, and deleting a tweet in opposition to the tariffs he knows are a bad idea for North Dakota farmers and energy producers – he’s been towing the D.C. swamp’s party line ever since. Rather than stand up policies that would grow North Dakota’s economy, he’s chosen to put his own career first to the detriment of working families.”

Read more about how the Cramer-endorsed trade war is threatening the livelihoods of North Dakota farmers and ranchers here and watch here. And see how Cramer flipped positions on the trade war to gain political favor with the president here.