What They’re Saying, Pt. 2: Trade War “Creating More Problems” for Farmers

WDAY: “Concerns are High… That They Could Lose Millions of Dollars in Profits”
(BISMARCK, ND) – As concerns from North Dakota farmers and ranchers continue to rise over the Cramer-endorsed trade war, Congressman Cramer doesn’t seem to be listening. Instead, while North Dakotans experience uncertainty, potential losses of millions of dollars in profits, and canceled shipments, Cramer’s sole interest is rubber-stamping the president’s harmful policies. See what North Dakotans are watching about the disastrous impact of this trade war on the ground.



KVRR: China and Mexico issuing new tariffs on American goods just last week, creating more problems for farmers who rely on the international markets to sell their crops.” 

KVLY: “Soybeans are down almost $2 a bushel for about 40 days. [Reporter] Just from when the president made this announcement? [Farmer] Just from when they started having the tit-for-tat for trade.”

WDAY: “Now, an estimated 1.14 million tons of soybeans that are expected to export by the end of August could be canceled.” 

WDAY: “And due to Chinese tariffs, concerns are high from farmers in North Dakota that they could lose millions of dollars in profits.” 

WDAY: “Farmers across the country say they hope this dispute is temporary. ‘Given profit margins we have, that’s enough to take a majority chunk out of our profits.’” 

WDAY: “Earlier today the price per bushel sat at $8.55. The U.S. trade war with China is to blame.” 

KVRR: “The American Soybean Association estimates that more than $6 billion has been lost over the last month as a direct result of the trade feud.”  

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