NDGOP “Truth-Finding Mission” Starts With Blatantly False Accusation

BISMARCK, ND — Last week Travisia Martin, Dem-NPL candidate for Insurance Commissioner, returned a letter and materials to the Secretary of State, including testimony from her partner that attest to her residency in North Dakota since 2015. The materials also include a rental agreement that shows Martin’s home in Nevada was rented and occupied by someone else.

On Tuesday evening, the North Dakota Republican Party put out a blatantly false press release claiming she had not responded. Martin received an email from Secretary Al Jaeger confirming receipt of her letter.

Communications Director Alex Rohr said:

“The NDGOP kicked off what they’re calling a ‘truth-finding mission’ by either failing to check a basic fact or by blatantly lying about Travisia’s response. That’s despicable. They owe her and North Dakota voters an apology for making this misleading accusation. Jon Godfread has a lot of questions to answer about his involvement.”

Rohr continued:

“Since moving to North Dakota in 2015, Travisia has spent countless hours in hospitals all across the state as a traveling respiratory therapist, and has continued to serve during the pandemic. As a frontline healthcare worker, she knows what it looks like when politics are placed ahead of good policy. In this case, the NDGOP makes it clear, they’d rather make stuff up than defend their fight to eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions.”