Burgum Oversees Closed CARES Act Process while Dr. Shelley Hosts a Nonpartisan Roundtable 

BISMARCK, ND — Today, a group of six Republicans chaired by Gov. Burgum voted to spend $400 million of CARES Act money without any official public input. The group expects to allocate all $1.25 billion of federal money allocated to North Dakota to address the pandemic economy in the same manner. The Legislative Budget Section, which lacks representation for 14 entire districts, will now get an up or down vote.

Tonight, Dr. Shelley Lenz, the Dem-NPL candidate for governor, is hosting a nonpartisan Listening Session intended to gather input from residents all across the state. More information about the event can be found here.

Sen. Tim Mathern said: 

“On the same day the governor ignored calls for a transparent legislative session for spending $1.25 billion to address the covid-19 economy, Dr. Shelley invited members of the public to share what they need to get through the pandemic. We need a leader who is listening, not a CEO telling us he knows best.”