NDGOP Floods Mailboxes with Mystery Donor Mailers; Gov. Outsources Campaign 

BISMARCK, ND — Reports by KX News this week shed a little light on the piles of campaign mail stacking up in North Dakota mail boxes. The primary sources come from the dark money group “Brighter Future Alliance,” Gov. Burgum’s campaign, or the “Dakota Leadership PAC.” Burgum is the “Dakota Leadership PAC’s” biggest donor at just short of $3 million.

A report by KX News on Thursday showed that Burgum’s campaign and PAC have foregone the many North Dakota printers he could have used in favor of a Minnesota business. The move is in direct contradiction with his Main Street Initiative. “Brighter Future,” a group with ties to Republican campaign advertiser Odney, has spent at least $253,000, according to KX. The dark money group is not required to report their donors, meaning North Dakotans do not know who is spending hundreds of thousands to influence our elections.

The Democratic-NPL Party Chairwoman Kylie Oversen said:

“I’m not sure which is more disrespectful of North Dakotans: flooding their homes with misrepresentative mailers without telling them who’s paying for the attacks, or sending what could be millions of dollars to an out-of-state business during a public health and economic crisis. The NDGOP is making it clear they’re only interested in a North Dakota that works for a few while our Dem-NPL candidates are running to build an economy that works for all.”