“More Waste, Fraud, and Abuse” snaps Dem-NPL Chair on Deleted Attorney General Email Account

Emails revealed that the day after Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem died, his spokeswoman, Liz Brocker, requested his email account be deleted saying, “We want to make sure no one has an opportunity to make an Open Record request for his emails, especially as he kept EVERYTHING.”

“Again and again we see waste, fraud, and abuse from the NDGOP. When I worked for the PSC, open record requests and file retention were a serious matter. This blatant disregard for transparency is beyond unacceptable. Given the cost overrun situation on the south side offices, I have a hard time not connecting the two, and it’s pretty easy to get into the mindset of a potential coverup. What’s far past troubling is the doubt that this puts the minds of the taxpayers. This smells of a conspiracy gone wrong, and makes one wonder what else is being hidden,” fumed Democratic-NPL Chair Patrick Hart, “This isn’t a surprise to anyone who has made an Open Records request from Ms. Brocker in the past, so much so she’s earned the nickname ‘Liz Blocker.’ If we want to see change in our state government we have to start voting for people with integrity which is something we haven’t seen from the GOP in quite some time.”