Kevin Cramer Continues to Face Heat from Farmers on Membership to Radical, Anti-Agriculture Group

“Cramer already left us in the dust by cheering on a trade war that would harm our ag producers. Now, this looks like the final blow.”

(BISMARCK, ND) — Kevin Cramer is continuing to face heat for his dues-paying membership to the Republican Study Committee (RSC) – a radical, anti-agriculture group in the House of Representatives. Earlier this year, the RSC released their budget which included severe cuts to the crop insurance program, the elimination of the Renewable Fuel Standard and the elimination of the sugar program.

The Williston Herald first reported on Cramer’s RSC membership after Cramer and the House failed to pass a Farm Bill – with Cramer calling the partisan hang-up that led to the bill’s derailment as “not inappropriate.” The Wahpeton Daily News also reported on Cramer’s anti-ag associations, where he called the anti-ag RSC a ’good group.’

Bismarck Tribune: Cramer lets down farmers

  • The Republican study committee is a far right-wing group in the House of Representatives that supports a radical anti-agriculture agenda. That’s why I’m so disappointed that Kevin Cramer, who claims to represent his state’s farming community, is a member of this ideological caucus.

  • Growing up in a third generation farm family, this year’s document was downright frightening for me to read.

  • Why did Cramer sign on to a group that openly advocates for policies that would harm the agricultural community? How can we trust our lone vote in Congress to stand up for farmers when he’s joining up with such a dangerous, ideological committee?