As Senate Releases Bipartisan Farm Bill, a Reminder of Kevin Cramer’s Reckless Record on Agriculture

Kevin Cramer has never even served on the House Agriculture Committee, Enables Farm Bill’s failure in the House

(BISMARCK, ND) — Today, the U.S. Senate released a bipartisan Farm Bill that would provide certainty and a strong safety net to North Dakota farmers and ranchers. But while the Senate works across the aisle, Kevin Cramer has been fanning the flames of partisanship and abandoning North Dakota’s agricultural producers when they need him most.

Here’s a quick rundown of Kevin Cramer’s reckless and abysmal record on agriculture:

  • FARM BILL: Despite previously touting his seniority and influence, Kevin Cramer wasn’t able to get the House Farm Bill over the finish line. In fact, Kevin Cramer even called the Freedom Caucus’ hostage-taking efforts that sank the Farm Bill “not inappropriate.” Kevin Cramer is also part of the Republican Study Committee – which has proposed slashing crop insurance in half, eliminating the Renewable Fuel Standard and eliminating the sugar program North Dakota farmers rely on. Despite their radical anti-agriculture agenda, Cramer stood by the RSC as a ‘good group.’

  • NAFTA: North Dakota farmers and ranchers are bracing for the president’s withdrawal from NAFTA, but the only thing Kevin Cramer has done is heap on praise for the president’s tactics. Rather than defending NAFTA like Senator Heitkamp and members of his own party, Cramer is more concerned with advancing his political career and catering to his audience of one.

  • TARIFFS: As the president starts a trade war with China and allies like Canada, Mexico and the European Union, Kevin Cramer has been cheering from the sidelines. He’s refused to stand up for North Dakota farmers and ranchers – even dismissing their valid concerns as “hysteria.” He said opposing the president is like cheating on a spouse, so North Dakota’s ag producers have learned not to count on Cramer for any loyalty.