In Third Debate, Schneider Lances Armstrong on Trade, Health Care

The Dem-NPL candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives puts North Dakota first in policy decisions, not party bosses

(BISMARCK, ND) — Following tonight’s debate in Fargo, Democratic-NPL Executive Director Scott McNeil released the following statement:

“Since the beginning of his campaign, Kelly Armstrong has been on the wrong side of the two most important issues facing North Dakotans: the trade war and the fight to preserve access to affordable health care. Tonight, North Dakotans saw more of the same from Kelly, a rubber-stamp politician who is willing to side with Washington Republicans on policies that are bad for farmers and working families as long as it helps him climb the career ladder.

Mac Schneider is a proven leader with a clear track record of working on behalf of North Dakotans. As North Dakota’s sole voice in the House of Representatives, Mac will be an advocate for working families and work in a bipartisan way to achieve common-sense results. Tonight we saw a very clear choice for North Dakota’s voters: another rubber-stamp politician looking out for himself or an independent leader who will fight for his state.”