Cramer’s Political Career: Ineffective, Lapdog, Self-Serving

(BISMARCK, ND) – Kevin Cramer has demonstrated time and again that he’ll always kowtow to the administration to increase his political capital – but, if you still need convincing, look no further than the threat of possible new tariffs made by the president on the way to a fundraiser for Cramer. Rather than argue against this reckless policy, Cramer ignored the announcement, choosing instead to focus on increasing his finances, showcasing both his ineffectiveness and willingness to kowtow to his D.C. bosses no matter what.

From Courtney Rice, Press Secretary for the North Dakota Democratic-NPL: “Kevin Cramer: Ineffective. Lapdog. Self-serving. That’s what North Dakotans can expect from Kevin and his political career.”

Reminder: It’s been more than 10 days since Cramer missed his self-imposed deadline for when he’d become “concerned” enough to stand against the trade war and break his pledge of supporting the president 100 percent of the time. He has yet to take any meaningful actions.