ICYMI: “Yes, Kevin Cramer Does Want to Destroy Social Security”

Don’t miss this op-ed from the president of Social Security Works PAC, an organization that focuses on senior issues, which lays out a number of ways Congressman Cramer has voted against the interests of North Dakota’s seniors – including calling for “means testing” and “raising the retirement age,” aka: cuts to Social Security and Medicare.


Social Security Works: Yes, Kevin Cramer Does Want to Destroy Social Security
By Jon Bauman

Key Points:

  • Nearly every vote [Cramer] has taken indicates his hostility towards Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
  • Cramer’s score from the Alliance for Retired Americans in both 2016 & ’17 was a great big ZERO, and he has a lifetime score of nine percent, a strongly anti-senior voting record. In contrast, Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), who Cramer is currently running against for U.S. Senate, has a ninety percent lifetime score.
  • Rep. Cramer… suggest[ed] that we “do a little more means testing, maybe increase the age by a month or two for a while.” Both of these suggestions are simply euphemisms for cutting benefits.
  • Raising the retirement age is an across the board benefit cut, one that hurts low-income and minority families the most. Means testing benefits does not produce any significant savings unless middle class benefits are cut. This is because implementing the means test would add significant administrative costs to Social Security.
  • North Dakota’s 125,786 Social Security beneficiaries (not to mention every North Dakota worker who pays into Social Security and will be a future beneficiary) deserve better.
  • They deserve to know what “means testing” and “raising the retirement age” really mean. They deserve to know that this April, Rep. Cramer voted for a Balanced Budget Amendment which, if it had passed, would forbid Social Security from using its $2.9 trillion surplus to pay promised benefits. They deserve to know that back in 2012, Cramer stated that we should “introduce more private sector options” into Social Security and Medicare, code for destroying them by handing them over to Wall Street and insurance corporations.
  • Not only that, they deserve to know that Cramer’s opponent, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, is a staunch supporter of Social Security who voted against the tax giveaway. They deserve to know that they have a real choice.

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