ICYMI: Cramer’s Ad “Misleading” [Valley News Live]


Valley News Live: Cramer’s Ad “Misleading”


MIKE MORKEN: Valley News Live is fact-checking the campaign ads this election season. This time, it’s a new ad supporting Republican Kevin Cramer calling into question claims made in another ad by a Democrat political action committee. The ad supporting Cramer started running yesterday and calls out an ad by Senate Majority PAC claiming Cramer sold out North Dakota by voting to change labeling guidelines for beef.  

In calling out Senate Majority PAC, they use a piece of video from Valley News Live taken from a completely different fact-check where we reported what PolitiFact had said about the Senate Majority PAC. By using the video, it appears as though we are questioning Senate Majority PAC on their latest ads. We are not. Watch and listen.

MIKE MORKEN: Because of this, we must label the most recent ad from Cramer’s campaign as ‘misleading.’ Due to federal law, television stations cannot control how our video is used in campaign ads, and it is, too, important to note that Kevin Cramer did vote ‘yes’ to change the labeling guidelines for beef, but so did Democrat Heidi Heitkamp back in 2015. The bill was then signed into law in December of that year by then-President Barack Obama.