Congressman Cramer: Ineffective As Can Be

(BISMARCK, ND) – When it comes to getting results for our state, North Dakotans just can’t depend on Congressman Cramer to effectively work on their behalf. Case in point: Cramer met with administration officials and North Dakotans to discuss trade on a Friday and, the very next Monday, the administration announced another $200 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods, sending North Dakota spinning deeper into a trade war. Unless Cramer’s goal was to escalate the trade war using North Dakotans as collateral, it sure doesn’t seem like an effective meeting.

It’s not just trade in which Cramer is ineffective at advocating for North Dakotans. Cramer was ranked 145th out of 250 congressional Republicans in effectiveness and sponsored only one “substantive and significant bill” during the last congressional session. In fact, he was ranked the LEAST effective member of the North Dakota Congressional delegation. Even conservative groups are running from Cramer because of his ineffectiveness and inability to lead on negating the trade war.

“If Congressman Cramer can’t effectively advocate on an issue as important as trade, what makes him think he’ll be able to defend North Dakota’s best interests?” asked Courtney Rice, Press Secretary for the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “It’s clear Cramer is gunning for a promotion he didn’t earn – and doesn’t deserve.”