ICYMI: Cramer Reportedly Declined to Participate in at Least Four Debates Against Heitkamp [NDxPlains]


NDxPlains: Cramer Reportedly Declined to Participate in at Least Four Debates Against Heitkamp
By Tyler Axness
July 13, 2018

Key Points:

  • Earlier this week, we learned that Heidi Heitkamp and Kevin Cramer have agreed to three debates in October. What has been left out of those reports is that Kevin Cramer has rejected participation in at least four other debates. For an individual who prides himself on accessibility and willingness to take on tough topics, this is a little surprising. We should ask why he declined.
  • A spokesperson for the Heitkamp campaign indicated Heitkamp had agreed to five more debates, but Cramer had rejected four of those… To my knowledge, Heitkamp has not turned down a debate to date.
  • The debates Cramer has turned down are a bit interesting. A Prairie Public & AARP debate. Cramer agreed to one of the two offered. Perhaps limiting the debate to one hour instead of two also limits the amount of time Social Security and Medicare would be discussed.
  • He also rejected a debate hosted by the Chamber of Commerce focused on agriculture. Defending tariffs might not have been ideal for his candidacy.
  • So what gives? Why avoid these debates with your opponent? It certainly wouldn’t be the same as going on friendly talk shows every week.
  • Another negative ad [launched on Friday] lacking accomplishments of Cramer’s tenure in Washington. Perhaps it is proving difficult to discover those accomplishments which leads him to shy away from true debates. Quite simply, it makes a person wonder if he is afraid of debating Heitkamp and speaking about his record?

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